1) It’s in Germany!
Germany. Ok what does that mean for you? First of you will experience German hospitality first hand! Next to that you might want to indulge yourself in the finest of German beer and of course experience German drinking culture first hand! But beware! The 1st of November is a holiday in some parts of Germany, so plan your needs ahead!

2) It’s Halloween!
Dress up, have fun and get absolutely crazy! This might count for any Halloween party, but how many of those are Harder Styles Halloween parties? For one night you can be whoever or whatever you want! Wanna dress up as Project 1 or maybe be the classic Witch or Ghost? Why not, this is a day you can be your “true” self”! 😉

3) The Line-Up
Of course one of the main reasons to go to a party might be the line-up. And guess what, this one’s a real stunner! There’s something there for literally any Harder Styles fan! Love it melodic? How about checking out Atmozfears or Brennan Heart? Love it Raw? How about Freuqencerz? Not raw enough? How about a whole Gearbox or BKJN stage then? Feeling more like Hardscore? Miss K8 and Angerfist might just be what you are looking for!

4) You can drive as fast as you want on the Autobahn
If you see an “End Of Speed Limit” sign without a tempo on it, that means you can hit the pedal to your liking and just go faaaaaast! So if you ever wanted to test your cars limits, this might be another good one! But of course: Drive safely and never drunk drive!

 5) It’s gonna be a madhouse!
Halloween, German beer and drinking culture, everyone dressed up, a sick line-up – what else could you ask for? Things assured this one is going to be one for the books! So hurry up and get your tickets because they’re selling fast! 😉




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