Pumpkin 2017 – 5 Reasons You Should Go!

1) It's in Germany! Germany. Ok what does that mean for you? First of you will experience German hospitality first hand! Next to that you might want to indulge...

Supremacy 2017 Review

On 30th September Art of Dance unleashed a supreme armada of devastating artists upon visitors of Supremacy 2017! An exquisite show throughout the night, a craz...

Supremacy 2015 Review

Embrace the Supremacy It’s fall, normal people dig out their coats and Timberlands, the trees slowly losing their leaves, everything green turns brown and prob...

Megawatt 2014

Megawatt Festival 2014, organized by High Energy Events, which are also responsible for Hardshock Festival, Megabase, PHREAK, Kingdance or RAWdefinition, took p...

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