The organizer Inurfase invites us to their very first Hardcore event in Hamburg. At the well-known ‘Docks’ a strong lineup from Hardcore to Frenchcore calls for the Harcore scene in North Germany. Let’s have a quick look at what is approching Hamburg.


The well-known Hardcore event promoter Inurfase is finally coming to the north of Germany, Hamburg. On Friday 13th May, the organization is inviting to the Docks event venue, with a bold lineup and a lot of specials. The Dock’s itself is known for its regularly held Hardstyle events and already hosted giants like Brennan Heart or Radical Redemption.


For its debut in Hamburg, the organization is clearly focusing on big names. With Mad Dog, D-Fence, Yoshiko and the Frenchcore gran Mr. Bassmeister. The complete night will be hosted by MC Tha Watcher, who is the voice of Hardcore. Another spot will be given to a local support act.


As mentioned above, Inurfase wants to give a local support act the chance to perform on the same stage. For this purpose, the organization has started a contest. All talents are requested to send in a 30 minutes mixtape, from which the organization will choose 3 finalists. These three will be participating an official voting on the socials, and the artist with the most votes will win.

Inurfase Unleashed Hamburg: Contest Artwork


A Hardcore party in Hamburg at the well-known Dock’s venue and a bold lineup, are reason enough for us to participate. The Dock’s sound system is famous and we cant wait to hear the pumping Hardcore kicks over their sound system. Ticket can be obtained here

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