What an amazing track. Finally the release is there, followed by a brilliant video clip. First played at Masters of Hardcore, this one still give me chills. What a huge track!
Partyraiser meeting Destructive Tendencies, well sounds definitely became one!

Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies - Sound Becomes One

The track starts with some melodic leads without a heavy kick. It’s a nice intro that is unique compared with other hardcore tracks. When you watch the video clip you will hear a lot of lyrics.
Starting with ‘We pass through a lot of things’ and ‘From beautiful to sad in all aspects of our life’. What’s behind that?

Two years ago Partyraiser’s father passed away. This song is dedicated to him. Around two minutes of intro, where you see Partyraiser visiting the graveyard among others. It’s emotional to see, and it will give you chills. The topic of this track is; ‘Music will guide you and will be there when nobody else is, music will give you new friends in life’

After 2:30 into the song the darker melody will blast out of your speakers, building to a first climax with more bpm. Then there are Destructive Tendencies in a cafe and you see Partyraiser joining him. The three members of Destructive Tendencies become friends with Partyraiser, THE SOUNDS BECOME ONE!

At that moment the bpm reach their peak, WOW! You just want to smash the air, so much energy and emotions gets free at this point, you just want to unleash it! Meanwhile, you see some beautiful moments from Dominator, were Partyraiser joined Destructive Tendencies at their live set.

After the amazing produced ‘destructive’ 200 + bpm part another slower melodic part drops in. ‘Time to reflect’, spoken by the vocals. Music helps you trough a lot. But there is always time to reflect, and there will always be the pain. But there is no need for us to be alone. Again, you see a scene at the graveyard, but this time Destructive Tendencies joined Partyraiser, as friends!

Closing the song with a f#cking hard bass drop. What a track. I think this is the deepest hardcore track of 2015, and maybe of all time. Music helps you trough all problems. ‘Dear Music, Thank you for being there when nobody else was.’

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