Only a few days ahead: This kind of celebration turns millions of people and kids worldwide into scary monsters! When you pass by blood bathed Killer Clowns (well, not only during Halloween), Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster, Werewolves, Ghosts, Witches, Skeletons and many more it’s either Halloween or someone’s trying to prank you – or maybe kill you. And girls, please do not all turn into Harley Quinn – unless you’re as crazy as her!

But, what does fit better to Halloween than a serious, raw hardstyle club party? Maybe you’re not sure where to go, so we wrote down the best Halloween events you can visit. You like it rough, scary and dark, you are fearless and love hardstyle – these events are worth visiting!

Pumpkin – Dimensions of the Underworld


When: 31.10.2016
Where: Turbinenhalle Oberhausen, Germany
Tickets: available here
Price: Standard – 44,90 EUR
VIP – 94,90 EUR (VIP area above 4 Floors, separate entrance, Free Softdrinks, Beer & Food, wristband)

XXlerator Raw: Halloween


When: 29.10.2016
Where: Honigcomplex Nijmegen, Netherlands
Tickets: available here
20,- EUR

Brutal Presents: The One Who Knocks!


When: 29.10.2016
Where: Bar-Cafe Ut Krisje, Rijsbergen, Netherlands
Tickets: available here
12,50 EUR

Graveyard 2016


When: 29.10.2016
Where: Eventcenter Zak Uelsen, Germany
Tickets: available here
Standard – 10,- EUR
VIP – 60,- EUR (Entrance, Free Drinks, VIP Lounge)

Lost Memories – Halloween


When: 29.10.2016
Where: St. Jan Kerk, Roosendaal, Netherlands
Tickets: available here
Price: 24,95 EUR

Sonic – Halloween Edition326374_2148x3000_435389

When: 29.10.2016
Where: Industrie Bännli Wolfwil, Switzerland
Tickets: available here
Standard – 53,15 CHF (49,03 EUR)
VIP – 148,85 CHF (137,48 EUR) (Free Food, Drink Bon (50,- CHF), wardrobe, seperate entrance, VIP Lounge, VIP balcony)

Or you just visit Unlocked – Indoor Festival


No matter where you go, we wish you a scary Halloween!! Catch us at Pumpkin 2016!


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