Out of the shadows, into the light, together we are rising beyond the material universe. The journey of Inurfase Massive continues in the purity of sound and luminosity.

Where gravity doesn’t exist- Inurfase Massive: The Shining.

Amy Melissa Farina

On September 9th, Inurfase Massive: The Shining will take place at the legendary nightclub Bootshaus in Köln, Germany. The party starts at 23:00 and goes until 6:00.

The Line Up

The line up includes some of the biggest names in the Hardcore and Uptempo scene such as Deadly Guns, GPF, N-Vitral and many more!

From three different floors to choose from there is something for everyone at Inurfase!

On the Mainfloor you have your heavy hitters like Brainstorm, Gridkiller, N-Vitral, Deadly Guns, GPF, and Barber. Hosted by: MC Alee.

If Uptempo is more your thing then Blackbox is for you with artists such as Juliex, Irradiate, Unproven, Trespassed, and Terrorclown.

Inurfase is well known for always providing space and supporting local talents. At Dreherei you can check out Simon Says, Namara, Roza, and Dr. Donk.

Limited tickets are still available for purchase: https://inurfase-bootshaus.ticket.io/7wma3h16

Stay tuned for our full review coming soon!

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