Supremacy 2015 Review
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Embrace the Supremacy

It’s fall, normal people dig out their coats and Timberlands, the trees slowly losing their leaves, everything green turns brown and probably everyone is getting ready for the winter season. But we’re not normal people – for us, fall is the end of the outdoor festival season, which means it’s time for the indoor season!
But what’s the go-to event? Of course we went to Surpemacy!

With its first edition Art Of Dance set the bar high, with an intense show, the best raw acts and exclusives premieres!

Last weekend the highly anticipated sequel took place in the Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Thankfully, we were part of this thrilling ride and will tell you why Art Of Dance transcend last year’s edition of Supremacy and leaves behind any other indoor event I’ve been so far!

Supremacy took place in the Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch. It’s just a lovely arena. If you entered the dome you had a huge hall with the lockers and food corners. If you went further you just passed the merchandise with new stuff from Radical Redemption and Warface. The stage was placed in the back of the main hall. On the left side, with view on the stage, you had the VIP area and on each side the bars.

13.000 visitors, Supremacy was sold out, but the main hall was not too crowded. You still had plenty of space to dance. Additionally, smoking was only allowed at specific spots, which made the air circulation really enjoyable.

Compared to Qlimax for example, I never felt like I’m right before dying, caused by stuffy air.  Some friends already said that the Brabanthalle is a really nice arena and I can just agree.


Let’s move on with the line up. There was absolutely nothing to complain about the line up, holy shit! It was like heaven for every raw lover. We had Luna, Hard Driver, E-Force, Artifact, Digital Punk, Minus Militia Live, Delete VIP, Ran-D & Adaro, Sub Sonik Live, Radical Redemption & Act Of Rage, Warface and the one and only, gorgeous Miss K8.

I mean just take a moment and look at this Line-Up!

It offered everything – A cool beginning by Luna with his classic influenced sound, Hard Driver and E-Force with the perfect prelude to Supremacy, Artifact, a young rising talent from End Of Line Records, the anthem maker himself, Digital Punk, a combined force between Radical Redemption, Crypsis and Chain Reaction – Minus Militia, two heavy weights, which have been in the scene for years, Adaro & Ran-D, Delete VIP, a whole new live act by Theracords member Delete, Act of Rage & Radical Redemption, a whole new live act by Sub Sonik, a Warface showcase of his new album The 9 Circles and the beautiful Miss K8 for the perfect ending.  Nothing to add here!

Okay, let’s just hop right into the sets. I wasn’t disappointed at any given moment!

Ohh … and did I already praise the set times? No? Well, here you go, thanks Art Of Dance, 45 min. long sets are just perfect, seriously, it’s way better than 1h sets or of course better than 1.5h sets. Furthermore nearly every artist played at least one or two Supremacy edits of their tracks!

Luna did a great opening show. He played some older, rough tunes, mixed with his new tracks like Tickin’ with Hardcraft or his collabs with E-Force. You know, you need to go insane in the moment you hear Octavius Augustus in the Zany remix blasting through the speakers. Still a lovely track with a cool atmosphere and a heavy kick! The floor started to get filled and he managed to bring people into the mood for the rest of the night!


Next up was Hard Driver, who continued keeping up the heat. He dropped a really nice set, with some softer tunes in the beginning like Fight For Survival. But somehow I liked that and it was definitely not only me, who was already dancing his ass off during the second set of the night. What an awesome melody and powerful track it still is. He also played his new track Rampage, hope to hear a preview soon! With Crank it Up or United From The Start  he completed his set.

I guess some people will say, what the fuck is Artifact doing at Supremacy, a leading raw style event with just the biggest raw heroes. Well, I like the fact that he was not playing the first set. He is still kind of a newcomer, so he had the chance to prove himself as dignified and being able to play next to such huge acts. The floor was packed and he played in front of an incredible good crowd. Like last year the mood of the people was beyond everything you’ve seen!

But back to his set, besides common rawstyle tunes he played his own tracks like Lunar or Torment. He also dropped my favorite B-Front track at the moment – Endless Path, together with Degos & Re-Done! Damn, I love this tune. If that’s not enough, he played his collab with Warface , let The Show Begin, which is one of my favorites of the album – Artifact, you’ve definitely proven yourself, keep it on!


It was already midnight, a shining moonlight over the Brabanthalle. I guess there was a shining moonlight, I mean it was a full moon and the blood moon was about to begin at 3 o’clock! But back to business – E-Force hopped on stage and made the crowd go wild! Seven is still a hated or loved track and his significant sound just opened the gate to a whole new level of Supremacy!

The way was set and it just began to get rougher and rougher. In the House, My God or Men Of Steel are just a few of his tracks he played. Great set and the perfect prelude for the next DJ!

He’s an outstanding producer, his unique touch in his tracks is well known, his brand is distinctive and he is the creator of this year’s Supremacy anthem! Make some noise for Digital Punk! The anthem is just awesome and in my opinion way better than last year’s anthem by Minus Milita!

It just fits Supremacy so well, one of the best anthems this year. Rest in Hell motherfucker, I guess he took that pretty seriously, because his set was a hell of a ride! Black Demon, Rest In Hell, his new track with Adaro – Whiplash, the anthem, River Of Souls or Rebel To The Grave were just a few of the highlights during his set.


No time to relax, because last year’s anthem creators were just about to wreck the fucking dome! Minus Militia delivered an awesome performance, 30 minutes of pure madness! They not only created a unique live act, but more a whole movement followed by thousands of people. Seriously, at each festival you see at least 100 Minus Militia shirts. With their edits of popular tracks and stunning show they showed the people what rawstyle is all about.

Finally, I’ve been waiting for this act since it got announced. One of the craziest producer, a member of Theracords and now he will reveal his new live act – Delete VIP! What a damn fucking massive set! I was almost scared about the Brabanthall, because his shattering kicks were pumping through the whole place! It was a nonstop 30 minute ride through his whole track collection. By playing dozens of edits, not only in a kick variation, but also with completely new screeches, main parts, elements and vocals, he played the best set of the night!

I’m not joking, he just catapult himself to the top 3 of the best Live acts! Delete, you just left me speechless during your performance – I’ve seen a lot, listened to thousands of great sets, but this one was beyond my expectations and set a new mark within the best live sets I’ve heard so far!


Okay, I really need to calm down, ahh fuck it Ran-D and Adaro were about to play. Although Delete VIP was just about the heaviest shit I’ve heard that night, Ran-D and Adaro did not disappoint. Their set was seriously pretty rough, rougher than usual. Playing at 155 BPM, they opened their show with their edit of Kings Of The Underground, which they normally play as a last track. Ran-Ds new track Firestarter, Regains For The Street remix, FCK EDM or I Am Legion just made the whole crowd go nuts.

With Brain Confusion Act Of Rage released a real feel good track. At Supremacy he was playing next to Radical Redemption and both of them did their best. This is how it feels when rage hits the roof, still a massive track, showing what Act Of Rage is all about. The screaming vocals and the second anti climax are ground shaking, perfectly fitting the atmosphere at Supremacy. Popular tracks by Radical Redemption continued the madness – The Spell Of Sin or Brutal 5.0 will take you on their own journey.


Another premiere at Supremacy and an act I was pretty curious about. Signed at WE R Raw he already brought some great releases like Go Fuck Yourself or Fuck Ya’ll If You Doubt Me, he is now about to reveal his new live act. Sub Sonik live! He shows why a live act does not always need a crazy look alike or costume – packed with edits and various variations in his tracks, he did fulfil all my expectations. I really love his heavy punch in his kick, together with his melodies, screechy parts and a rising BPM he really surprised me.

Back with a brand new album, the next act will drag you through hell and it’s nine circles. Released and premiered and Supremacy, he brought us a special Showcase of his new album The 9 Circles, including just the hardest and best tracks in a 45 minute live experience.

Okay, well he did not wear his super cool suit and mask, but the way he mixed the tracks was similar to his live performance. Warface brought Supremacy an intense show with surprising live acts by Superior during Beyond Aggression, playing E-Guitar and singing or by Eric Dumont supporting him during Voice Of Addiction. Finishing off his set with The Baddest and Mutilate & Destroy I just got blown away!


The last set of the night is brought to you by Miss K8, dropping the bass like an earthquake. And yes, she did, finally some hardcore! During the last two sets all the people were so ready for some faster music, and the whole crowd released their last bit of energy to end this event in style. Rising the BPM in each track Miss K8 went rougher and rougher.

You want to read more about Supremacy? Well, let’s continue then with the show, which was intense, insane and stunning from beginning till the end! You have to keep in mind that “only” 13.000 people visited Supremacy, so do not compare the show with the one from Qlimax in its way bigger dome, with more possibilities.

Therefore the show of Supremacy was perfect, absolutely perfect and a thrilling ride on its own! The stage consists of huge LEDs behind the DJ both in a dart similar formation in both directions. Each LED was surrounded by Lights and Lasers. In the front of the DJ booth, going from the right to the left, they placed the fire FX. Right in front of the DJ booth the C02 FX.


I think huge LEDs in the form of circles, triangles or squares, hanging under the roof, were the cool new thing this year, also at Supremacy they hang up 6 huge pentagons above the crowd, which were moving during the night and packed with lights and fire.

As I said the show was intense from beginning till the end. Everything worked so well together and the amount of lasers was too damn high! During a few acts like Ran-D & Adaro or Digital Punk the stage just opened a gate, with some stairs in the back and did let the DJ enter the dome in style.

So let’s summarize, they got Huge LED walls in the back with perfectly timed sequences for each DJ, for each intro and specialised pictures for Minus Militia or the Warface showcase , they were surrounded with dozens of lights, you’ve had fire, C02, pentagons hanging under the roof and above the crowd, nearly thousands of lasers, a Sound System blasting your cerumen out of your ear, a moving stage and if that’s not enough, fuck man, they let Digital Punk hover above the crowd during the anthem show!

Yes, the DJ booth was moveable, fixed at ropes and able to get lift up / down and even hover above the crowd. You need to see the fucking pictures! You did not expect that when your first saw the show during the first acts, so it was even more crazy. The crowd loved it, I loved it and they even topped the bridge from last year! Art of Dance just beaten up all other major event organizers this year, with their show at Supremacy!


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