Megabase presents: Digital Punk - Unleashed Outdoor 2015
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Last weekend we had some serious fun at Megabase Outdoor, hosted by Mr.Unleashed himself and plenty of other rawstyle artists.

It was a sunny day at Park de Wezenlanden in Zwolle. Close to the german border and very accessible. All in all a very great location, besides the noise limit that was also crossed a few times in that night.

Unleashed is Digital Punk’s signature brand and with Megabase Outdoor he gets an dedicated outdoor to get you unleashed.

Due to some complaints about the noise level by some citizen the whole area, the stage and the speakers were smaller than last year – I guess you all recognized this.
So, please keep in mind that our rating is made in a relation to the size of the festival. Feel free to rate this event yourself and comment below!


One stage, 10 sets and 13 DJs and 2 stunning shows with fireworks. Starting with Waverider and Audiofreq. Both played the first and last euphoric tracks of this event, since Megabase is dedicated to rawstyle. Unfortunately, we arrived at the beginning of DJ Ourbreak’s set and enjoyed his set with a cold breeze at this sunny day. He did a good job, tracks like ‘Brain Smacker’ or ‘#Bassface’ brought the people into mood.

First highlight was Mashup Jack Live. Not only because of this black and yellow jumpsuit. He played a mixed set with different influences from all kind of subgenres, something that you would expect from Mashup Jack. He mixed up euphoric with raw, old classics, new tracks – a set so diverse that it was so fun to listen to!

Next up was Hard Driver – he’s a pioneer in producing either raw or euphoric tracks. His sets are full of energy and he also dropped his new hit – preview is coming next week! Starting with some fluent, slow and uplifting tracks and ending up with raw tracks like ‘Pitch Black’, ‘United From The Start’ or ‘Crank It Up’.

Let’s unleash the beast, he claimed the stage and rocked the f*cking festival! Digital Punk’s first 30 minutes set was a hell of ride! Representing his sound and what he stands for – it was amazing! The set was followed by set between Digital Punk, Jack Of Sound and Titan.

Sadly E-Force wasn’t able to play due to some health issues. But Jack Of Sound did a good job and played a few E-Force tracks. His recent collaboration between him and Titan was a full success and the second climax of 911 heated up the crowd! In the end ‘Seven’ and we all went crazy!

Righter after this, Chain Reaction and Ran-D joined Digital Punk on stage and brought a perfect mix between their styles. Ran-D played his Adaros and Gunz 4 Hire tracks, Chain Reaction his, Crypsis and Minus Militia tracks and Digital Punk? Well he played all the common rawstyle bangers!

I think the next act was one of the most energetic ones. Warface Live! It’s actually really hard to describe what’s going on during his live sets! BPM is raising above 160, starting with ‘Leviathan’, ‘Total War’ and ending with ‘Show Me Your Warface’ and a hardcore edit of ‘Bloodshed’.

The mix is always diverse and awesome to listen to, because he nearly managed to have no breaks between the tracks – smashing bass drum after heavy kick, 30 minutes long!

After this massive live set High Energy Events unleashed a heavy firestorm upon us. With Fireworks and Digital Punk’s new track with Radical Redemption and Crypsis they made the crowd go insane!

Time for the last set of the night: Digital Punk vs B-Front and Adaro. They closed down Megabase like kings with a 15 minutes hardcore ending! Shivers all over when the last kicks were pounding through the speakers!


At day the show was, as you can expect, not existent. It was all about the DJ and MC pushing the crowd, the clear blue sky and hardstyle music. If you were really far away from the stage you had some sound distortion because of the wind, nothing unusual for a open air.

As the night proceeded you saw the first lights, confetti and pyro effects, resulting in a huge firework blowing you away. The pyro effects were really overwhelming compared to the size of the stage and the lasers were illuminating the night.

We got more than we expected and especially the endshow just blew us away. “We always push harder” is the motto of High Energy Events and when the clock hit 12 we they truly did. Check out the videos below and find more pictures here.

Watch here The Digital Punk Unleashed Firestorm! Official Showcase of Megabase presents: Digital Punk – Unleashed Outdoor 2015. #megabase #unleashed #djdigitalpunk

Posted by Megabase on Sunday, 31 May 2015


Megabase will save you some money. Early birds got a ticket for 24,50€ and late birds for 34,50€. For tokens we paid 10€ for 3,5 tokens. This is equivalent to 3 beers or 2 waters – nothing unusual!

Again, you couldn’t refill water. Indeed, there wasn’t even water to clean your hands in the toilets. Otherwise there were always very clean and never overrunned.

Megabase Outdoor 2015 Beanbags

Lockers, food and merchandise stands revolved around a chilling area with beanbags to sit on. You had a perfect view while relaxing. If you went a few steps back to the entry you could enjoy something to eat.

One highlight was the signing session with Digital Punk at the merchandise shop, while you could get some free scantraxx goodies. A very awesome way to meet your favorite artists and something we hope to see at more events.

Megabase Outdoor Signin Session

All in all, Megabase delivered a very good line-up. The show was beyond our expectations and therefore you should definitely check out other events by High Energy Events. A small event, that brought you the full festival experience!

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