10 free hardstyle podcasts

Bored of the tracks in your library, smartphone or playlists on YouTube? I listen to music a lot and there’s not a single day, I don’t listen to hardstyle. It makes me happy and I really need it. But I’m also sick of my Ipod playlist, although it consists of nearly 900 different tracks.

Either raw, euphoric, tek or hardcore! It’s just awful because I only put the original mix on my Ipod. That means there is always a 25 second intro. So, I started mixing sets for my own, because it keeps the tempo and you can put in all of your favorite tracks. Although I keep my Itunes library always up to date, I started listening more often to some really nice podcasts at the moment.

Most of them are published once a month, containing the newest tracks, perfectly mixed together. You don’t have to skip anything, you can also listen to older episodes and they have a runtime of at least one hour. That’s why I want to present you my favorite podcasts! Feel free to tell me your top podcasts, I am curios!

5. Hardwithstyle Podcast

Once it was a really, really good podcast I always listened to. Headhunterz was presenting the newest tracks of the scene, packed with some guest calls and a nice mix of euphoric, alternate and more rougher tracks.

But since he left the scene, this podcasts depraved into a guest mix podcast, without him. Some guest mixes in between were nice, for example the Wasted Penguinz one, but I stopped listening to it, since it’s no longer interesting and pretty boring. Check out some of the earlier episodes!

Enjoy the latest HWS episode

Honorable mention: Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions

Isaac’s legendary podcast is still a good one! He’s presenting the latest sounds of the scene, with some classic influences and a raw ending. Although I think his older episodes are better I kept on listening to it – depending on the tracklist.

Enjoy the latest episode of Isaac's Hardstyle Sessions

Honorable mention: Coone’s Global Dedication Podcast

Thankfully Coone came up with this cool podcast! Since I stopped listening to Hardwithstyle it’s the perfect replace. I love his podcast, always packed with fresh music, exclusives, classics, rougher tracks, it is a really good mix.

I also like the point, that he tries to integrate his listeners by playing their voicemails, or offering the possibility to choose their track of the month and the classic of the next episode. He also  includes snippets of unfinished tracks sometimes! Keep it up Coone!

Enjoy the latest Global Dedication podcast

4. This is Tek

Mark With A K is presenting you the best, just the best of tekstyle in his monthly podcast This is Tek. Fresh and crazy beats, perfectly mixed will lift you up, not only in these hot summer days. Besides hardstyle it’s pretty awesome to listen to his podcast – I recommend it for everyone who wants to have some diversity in between.

Enjoy Mark With A K's latest episode of This is Tek

Honorable mention: Digital Punk Presents: Unleashed

I guess the most of you know this raw gem of a podcast. It’s one of my all time favorite and I can’t wait for the next episode! Digital Punk created a whole new phenomena ranging from this monthly podcast to his own events!

The podcast is full of unreleased, exclusives, premiers and your monthly doses of the best raw hardstyle! At the end of each show you can vote for your favorite track, which will be mixed into a Unleashed year mix! This is unleashed, this is hardstyle!

Get unleashed with the latest episode of Digital Punk Unleashed

3. The XXlerator Podcast

Representing the harder styles XXlerator is not only an event organizer but also responsible for this brilliant podcast. Hosted by MC Villain it’s a 100 minute long ride, packed with just the best euphoric hits, guest sets by different artists, specials and a half an hour long hard ending – XXlerator Raw!

XXlerators latest podcast

Honorable mention: Endymion Presents: We Are The Nightbreed!

A new label, a new musical journey and a new podcast. This podcast is just about the rougher sounds in the scene, with a one hour mix by Endymion and a 30 minutes guest mix. They already featured Titan, High Voltage, Deetox and Bass Chaserz for the guest mix, which is always a highly welcomed alternation.

Besides that, Alive At Night is always presenting the latest news and what  Endymion had for breakfast – extraordinary.

We Are The NIghtbreed episode #5

2. Evil Activities Presents: Extreme Audio

You like it rough, you like it hard, you like it hardcore? This is the perfect podcast for you. Personally it’s my favorite hardcore podcast, the episodes are always pretty diverse and different to another, which makes the podcast highly enjoyable. Besides my favorite hardstyle podcasts this is pretty much the most listened podcast by myself.

Enjoy the latest Extreme Audio podcast

Honorable mention: Traxtorm Records Presents: Hardcore Italia

Traxtorm Records, the most popular hardcore label from Italy, covering nearly every huge Italien hardcore artist, is presenting you their podcast with a guest mix by different artists. Because of that it’s always a different sound you’re listening to. Either it’s Mad Dog, Art Of Fighters, The Sickest Squad, Alien-T or many many more. Give it a try and enjoy Italians best hardcore.

hardcore Italias latest episode mixed by Alien-T

Side Note: There is a third hardcore podcast, the official MOH podcast, which is always mixed by Angerfist, Miss K8, Negative A and Korsakoff. But I’m pretty satisfied with the first two hardcore podcast, so I just listen to it, if there is nothing left I can get my hands on.

Enjoy the latest episode of the MOH podcast

1. Brennan Heart presents WE R Hardstyle

This is definitely my favorite euphoric hardstyle podcast! I just love it – Brennan Heart brings you just the best and hottest tracks of the month! Packed with worldwide premiers, different styles, classics and a rough ending.

Besides that he has some specials in between for example a full classic set or a year mix, also available as a hardcopy. If you looking for new, good music, listen to this podcast!

WE R Hardstyle by Brennan Heart #July2015

Of course, there are plenty of other great podcasts out there to discover. What is your favorite?

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