This is my Step-by-Step guide for all upcoming hardstyle producers! Follow these simple instructions and you will be the king of hardstyle very soon!

Rawstyle or Euphoric producer? No problem, we got you covered! If you’re searching for specific tips, read:

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1. X or Z in your name!

First of all it’s important that you use at least one X or Z in your alias. It’s something that many artists do very early in their carrier. The most common way to apply this rule: change the plural S at the end of your alias with a Z. It’s pronounced the same, but I guess it looks super fancy.

  • Toneshifterz
  • Headhunterz
  • Da Tweekaz
  • Wildstylez
  • Atmozfears (this one is my favorite – used it in the middle)

I think you get my point and imagine how cool Noisecontrollerz would be with the Z!

But now you may think: “I am a solo artist. How can I be fancy as well?”

Don’t worry dear artist. Just use an X in your name, whenever you can. Often used for events.

  • X-Qlusive
  • Zatox
  • XXlerator
  • Deetox

2. Post a Top 100 picture!

Okay, you have already released your first tracks and now you are so proud that you made it into the Top 100? So, what’s next?

Take a bad picture with a shitload of blur and post it on your social media platform of choice!

And please don’t forget to use this caption:

  • After [small amount of time] it’s already climbing the Top 100! Get [Your track name] and let’s get to #1!

Shitty picture

3. Sushi Picture!

It’s the essence for all hardstyle producers. Delicious and raw sushi.

Add a silly Instagram filter, et voilà! I’m hungry already….

Hardstyle Sushi

4. Your name on a beer!

Don’t even consider to call yourself a hardstyle producer if your name is not on a beer! And everything other than Heineken doesn’t count.

What? Your name is already on a beer? Give the empty bottle away and let your fans be astonished by your international fame!

Defqon.1 Beer

5. Airmax!

You should already wear your black leather jacket and now you need shoes! But not every shoe will fulfill your high quality standards. Only a good pair of Nikes will provide you with enough ‘bounce’ while playing on stage.

In addition: they look pretty nice.

Hardstyle producer Airmax

6. Awesome Studio!

There will be a point in your life where you spend way too much money building a decent studio. If you already spend too much this is the perfect moment to share it with your fans.

Hardstyle Studio A-Lusion

7. Fl Studio Video!

You should upload at least one video where you’re showing us an awesome preview.

“Can I just upload my preview on Soundcloud?” – NO! It’s not about the music!

People want to see how great and complex your Fl Studio project is! Film it with your mobile and keep it shaky. The sound should be loud, override and distorted for maximum quality.

Fl Studio Video

8. Your Podcast!

Sick of music production? Make your own podcast, play music by others and get the credits. It’s time to build your brand and a podcast is the easiest way, ’cause we don’t have enough already…

And if you get bored, let somebody else do the podcast for you. People won’t even notice!

9. Spotify Playlist!

If you followed my instructions so far you should already be a hardstyle superstar!

Keep your fans busy with a Spotify playlist. It’s free and people will be overwhelmed by your great taste in music.
70% of the tracks should be yours. Earn 0,008 cents every time somebody plays a track and get rich quick!

Spotify Playlist

10. Overpriced Merchandise!

Buy a few dozen T-shirts and stuff, put your well known logo on it and BAM! People will pay YOU for advertising your brand.

Charge an extra 10€ for shipping and you are done.
Overpriced Merchendise


Now lean back and enjoy your life as a hardstyle producer!

Let me know in the comments below if I missed something!

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