X-Qlusive B-Front Review
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B arely recovered from Q-dance his New Year’s blast Freaqshow, we entered Saturday’s sold-out Heineken Music Hall. It is the end of January, and that means only one thing, time for an X-Qlusive event. During today’s night we can experience hardstyle at its purest. Are you ready for some magic? It is time to witness the perfect balance between euphoric and raw. Let’s face the inner conflict of Bob van der Palen, alias B-Front!

At 22:30 we stood in front the doors of the hall. We were accompanied by many B-Front supporters. Within our field of view, you saw B-front caps, flags, T-shirts and more merchandise. The real core had gathered for this night. The tension was to cut. Everyone was ready for a night you will never forget.


Once inside, we put our stuff in a safe, which could be rented for € 6. The second stage was already loose, the music was pounding trough every inch of the Heineken Music Hall, we couldn’t wait any longer. We did buy some tokens and took the stairs to the second stage, called the Beatbox.

Beatbox stage

Dragan, Main & Dweazle were the hosts of the opening act at this stage. The room was getting packed early because the main area, the Blackbox, was not open to public yet. The vibe was already amazing. The three Dj’s did play great tracks like Down Low and Tonight. Besides classic tunes they did also play some heavy stuff. Ending their track with the Warface Mash-Up 5.0, I can say everybody was hungry for more!

Besides those three you could have experienced Requiem, Prefix & Density, Dark Pact, Phuture Noize, Degos & Re-Done and the contest winner Deluzion. I think all of the sets were great, since all of the artists had some really cool releases lately.


Deluzion, the contest winners are a pretty young duo, but somehow managed to convince B-Front with their remix. They had the honour to play in front of a packed Beatbox area. They played from 23:00 – 00:00, at the same time Luna and Jones opened up the main area, but guess what? The area was still packed and the vibe awesome!


I think we all can’t imagine their feelings. These two guys definitely had the time of their life – they enjoyed it so much! The set was diverse, ranging from tracks like Brain Confusion by Act of Rage to Getting Off by Frequencerz & Titan, to MF Psycho by Sub Sonik or Bass Chaserz with Big Dick. Deluzion teared the roof off in the Beatbox area at X-Qlusive B-Front. They showed exactly why B-Front chose them as the winner of the remix contest.

B-Front - Face The Truth (Deluzion Remix)

Blackbox stage

Jones & Luna

As the doors opened, nearly ALL people went to the Blackbox stage. It was packed to its maximum of capacity. Normally it feels half empty during a warm-up set. Jones and Luna were starting with some classic tunes, space and time and rock civilization by Headhunterz did created the perfect vibe – as always. Everybody was screaming the melodies along. The truly dedicated hardstyle fans were in the dome, let’s officially open this event!

Opening Show

Beginning with a 3 minutes’ intro, a voice brought us to a magical level. Everybody felt the strain on his body, excited to see the man himself. Give it up for B-FRONT! B-Front showed himself assisted by a grand applause, hands went in the air. Opening his show with Mysterias. Wooooow! Every B-Front fan, maybe almost every hardstyle fan, knows this melody. The people were screaming along! It was really amazing. Everyone joined, no exceptions! What a great way to start the evening, goosebumps everywhere. B-Front played a great opening set with tracks like Undiscovered and State of Perfection, taking you through his whole musical career.



Talking about the start of his career. After his solo set it was time for the shortest set we’ve ever experienced, only 15 minuts, by 2-Sidez. This is for the true fans, the B-Front lovers from the first hour. These tracks were also very enjoyable for the younger people amongst us. Think about tracks like Fuck It and Listen. That are some real classics pounding through the dome!

A2 Records

Time for a rougher armed formation. Adaro, Digital Punk and Alpha2 took place, on behalf of A2 Records, behind the turntables. Supported by MC Da Syndrome they all delivered an incredible show and set. The Alpha2 turned their stunning new track; Willow Wally and some uplifting tracks like Cocaine MF Alpha 2 Remix. Adaro played tracks like Bolivia and Answers (Adaro Remix), besides that Digital Punk also played his great tunes like Retaliate with Hate.

As a surprise Jack of Sound joined the stage. Together with the Alpha2 he played their new collab Die Ganze Welt and one of the most know tracks Das Weite Land. As you can imagine, the whole audience sang along with the melodies during the drop!! Admit it, you’re currently singing the melody in your head! Of course some tracks by B-Front in collab with the A2 Records DJ’s passed by. Think about Tormented, Spectral, Liberate and Worth Fighting For!


Unfortunately, there was a small silence during this set due to a fault in the sound system. But we have to give some compliments to MC Da Syndrome, he did directly pick the microphone and spoke to the audience. I think many people didn’t even notice this little error after all because of the great work by Da Syndrome! Good boy!


After the A2 Records set it was time for a special and rare act. Once they play together hardstyle will show its magical side. It is time for B-Frontliner! This time they didn’t perform wearing their silver space suits, but still they took us to another universe. The tracks they produce are beyond imagination.


B-Frontliner tracks are truly one of a kind! Of course they played 10.000 stars, World Outside and Godz Power, also We Are One passed by. They did end their set with one of the best hardstyle tracks ever: MAGIC! They really brought my mind to another dimension, I think the whole audience felt like they were in heaven, so did we!

Requiem – Beatbox stage

Of course we also did want to witness a set from the Beatbox area. So we decided to move our feet and enjoy the set by Requiem. He played his great tracks like Collateral Damage, Killa Hilla and his new, awesome track, Take the Hit. The vibe during this track was amazing! It didn’t matter if you were at the second stage or at the main area.

The vibe at both of them was beyond imagination. The atmosphere at a hardstyle event is always great, but this was a different level! After a powerful set by Requiem we did leave the second area and moved over to the Blackbox, were Fusions elite claimed the stage.

Fusion Records

Zany and The Pitcher joined the stage to play together with B-Front. They played Watch Yourself and the beautiful track Those Summer Nights by The Pitcher. This night did definitely felt like one of those summer nights during the festival season. Zany did also drop some classic tracks like Victims of the same world, Redeeming Light and Distorted. Besides the classics, B-Front and The Pitcher did play their new collab Which Wolf To Feed, what a great track!


Of course we don’t want to forget tracks like MPX 1 and Noctus Noa. There are just too many we want to mention. This set was very varied. There was a good balance between the classics, new tracks, raw tracks and euphoric tracks. The inner conflict by B-Front packed into one set – we just loved it!


Let’s turn up the heat! Ran-D joined the stage. Bringing you his crazy tunes. The collabs between him and B-Front were blasting through the speakers. The Message and the Rebirth anthem of 2011 are awesome tracks, agree? Everybody was singing along again; the vibe was still amazing at this late hour. We moved to the front when Ran-D dropped his track Firestarter and Executioner Style (Gunz for Hire).

Woow! The bass did rumble through the speakers, we could really feel the music in our whole body like our heart was pounding 150 BPM! We really love the sound system of the Heineken Music Hall and the sound design by Ran-D!


After Ran-D the Frequencerz did join the stage. Time for B-Freqz, what a crazy combination! The audience went completely off the hook when they dropped Wolfpack, they did even top the soundsystem with their singing! Maybe this was the best set of the night, but actually we can’t choose since all sets deserved that title. B-Freqz dropped crazy tracks, they also played a remix of Psycho which was crazy and unexpected! It was really an overdose of melodies, rawness, brutal kicks and sing along tracks! Also, MC Nolz was giving his best! What a set!


The Ending

One hour left, are you ready for the ending? High Voltage is next in line to wreck the dome! Opening his set with the new Deetox & Break Zero track called Rock It! Again I have to mention it, this track is great! Playing their collabs like The 4th kind, Everything Starts, Bombs Away and Everything Changes. After 30 minutes High Voltage did disappear for a few seconds behind the decks. Making a jocular jump again, surprise it’s me NOSFERATU! The whole audience had to laugh. We were ready for music at a higher pitch. Bring us some hardcore!

It is always great to see some hardstyle and raw style fans go insane on hardcore, like they witness it for the first time. In our opinion it is good that these musical styles getting mixed during events like these. People seem to enjoy both! Starting his set with Angerfist – Bad Attitude, everybody went insane. After that Nosferatu dropped the Dominator anthem, Raiders of Retaliation! I can’t get enough of it! He also played some older tracks like When Angels Cry, bringing us to a different dimension. This set drained the last energy out of our body.


B-Front did grab the mic for a speech to thank everybody for the crazy night, and thank his family and friends. But actually we have to thank him, and all the other DJ’s, the organization – Q-Dance you guys are crazy!!, the audience, everybody who was involved with this event. It was one of the greatest events we have ever witnessed! After the speech it was time for one more track, everybody went total nuts. The final kicks did blast through the area; the event came to an end.

The Stage

Perhaps the stage was not that spectacular, but we still liked it! It felt like the whole dancefloor was surrounded by it. You could imagine what it implies. Thinking about the inner conflict, triangles seemed to disappear in a point towards the core or B-Front. The soul of the artist. This night was all about the hardstyle music produced from the heart, the heart of B-Front.

It was a spectacular show, as we used to get from a Q-Dance event! When you went to one of the balconies of the Heineken Music Hall, you saw a huge array of LED’s, Lasers and more.


All-in-all it was a night we will never forget! The tribute to B-Front was a great success! After the Radical Redemptions event and Supremacy last year we experienced two of the best events ever held. We learned, it’s not impossible to create the perfect event. Q-Dance just did it, this was a perfect event, we can’t complain about a single thing. It seems like the real magic happened in the Heineken Music Hall once again!


The atmosphere was perfect, everyone went to the extreme, the DJs did the best they could, the show was great, the sound was beyond borders, the organization did a flawless job and the audience deserves a big compliment for the amazing support! Of course we should not forget to thank the man of the evening.

Thank you B-Front, you deserved that night more than anyone else! Please don’t stop producing your quality music, you deliver since years. Don’t stop with creating awesome memories and don’t stop being member and legend of the harder styles!

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