We met Requiem at Raw Anarchy. A quite interesting artist, you definitely need to have an eye on. With tracks like “Scream”, “Survivors” and his new bomb “Killa Hilla” he has already proven, that we shouldn’t ignore him.

Signed at Fusion Records and prepared with new music you are ready to enter the charts and claim the stages of this year’s festivals. Could you introduce yourself to the people out there?

Hi, I’m Requiem! My real name is Boray Kocoz, I’m 20 years old and live in Enschede, it’s a small but nice city in the Netherlands. My father is from turkey and my mother is Dutch!


Well, that explains your name!

Right! But don’t confound it with Borat from the movie!

I guess that makes you kind of unique in Holland, haha!

Yeah, I guess so, I haven’t heard anyone with the same name yet. But there will be someone, someday.

What does your name “Requiem” mean to you? What’s the origin or where do you got the inspiration for this name?

It’s one of the hardest decision for a producer, to find his own alias. Everyone was once confronted with this choice. So, I first searched for English words, words which describe a scary, horrifying atmosphere. There is also a movie called “Requiem for a dream” but it has nothing to do with the movie.

I think my name perfectly fits my style and that is an important thing to me! My name represents me and my style in some way. There is also a plug-in I work with which is called requiem. Great plug-in for adding choirs, which I found had a cool name!

Artwork with logo of Survivors – His second track!

You posted a picture with your logo on a shirt. What does your logo represent to you?

Well, it’s my own unique Requiem shirt! The reaction to it was awesome and we are thinking about to sell some stuff like this in the future. About my logo I liked to have something dark, but unique which describes my style of producing, but at the same time very recognizable.

What does your friends or parents think about your career and your “job”? Are they happy about it or did they wish you should do something else?

All my friends are visiting parties as well, so everyone supports my career and my music, that’s an awesome feeling.

My parents don’t know that much about the scene and the music and they also don’t really like it. But they support me in a way, that they agree on my current path and my love for the music and what I do!

But did your parents ever visit a party or a performance of you?

No! But I promised, if I ever get a booking on a big stage, I will take them with me!

Do you have a second Job?

I just finished my school last year. I studied marketing and communication, and i work for KPN as a sales adviser. Besides that, I also model; Last year I have traveled to London, Paris, Milan and St. Tropez for modeling. I love to combine my occupations and see some nice places in the world.

Did you have good grades? Are you one of the good students?

Hehe, I didn’t like school that much. But I’m very happy that I did it and it’s important to have the degree. I always wanted to do what I love and school always came in the second place, but when I had to finish stuff for school I always did my best for it. At school I was someone who was always making jokes and trolled around, 😛

How do you face hate or negative comments to previews or sets/performances?

I don’t really care. If you have a look at forums, there are always people who will complain about what you do and it doesn’t matter what you do at that point. For me, all the feedback is good feedback, either if it’s positive or negative.

If there is a negative comment or such a thing, I try to face it objectively and see if he’s right or wrong. But it doesn’t affect me at all if there is one guy, who is hating on me. I do what I love and the people have to deal with it.

Last but not least, is there something you want to tell the reader or do you have any German words for us?

BRATWURST! Nein, ich kann ein bisschen deutsch sprechen – was soll ich sagen?
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