With his latest collab “Illuminate the Way” together with Audiotricz, he has proven once again that his sense of Euphoric is unique. Especially his track ‘Our Reality’ turned our editorial office upside down. We thought it was time for an interview.


And with 200.000 streams on Spotify within just one month, his fanbase shows its appreciation for his music in a very straightway. With the release on Dirty Workz everything seems to develop very promisingly – so let’s find out, what’s coming next. Welcome Julien to this interview:

Why did you start to produce Hardstyle?

I’ve been into hard dance music since I was a little kid. But as soon as I started visiting festivals I really felt the energy from the big crowds and just listening to it wasn’t enough for me anymore. I wanted to be able to create my own tracks and that’s basically how that started 🙂

Talking to Jay Reeve: In Profile

What do you associate with Hardstyle?

Unity, energy and uplifting feelings.

What does Hardstyle mean to you?

For me, it’s a big part of my life. I started listening to hard dance music since I was 6 years old or so, but it was only Early Hardcore back then. Around 2003 I discovered ‘Early’ Hardstyle on a cd called ‘Bitte Ein Beat’ and I don’t think that a single day went by that I didn’t listen to Hardstyle ever since.

Are there any upcoming things you would like to tease now for us?

Currently, the focus is only on producing and releasing music. I just released my collab with Audiotricz and besides that, I’m working on the remixes for ‘Xense – Up In The Clouds’ and ‘Cyber – No Escape’. My collab with Solstice is almost ready and I still have the collab with Wildstylez, which we put on hold for a bit because of the Corona situation. We wanted to release this one when we can get the maximum impact out of it, so hopefully, that will be soon again.

What do you feel deep inside you when you perform on the stage and see all your fans in the crowd?

It makes me feel good when I see people enjoying my music and having a great time on my sets. At the end that’s what drives me in the studio, imagining the smiles on people’s faces when you play the music in front of a crowd.

Talking to Jay Reeve: In action on stage

Can you remember the very first performance in front of a larger audience? Where and when was it and can you describe your feelings?

I think the first performance with a ‘bigger’ crowd was the Defqon.1 afterparty in the Magenta. This was together with Galactixx, JNXD, Rebourne, and Sickddellz. It went pretty easy since we just had a whole lot of fun on stage together and the vibe was perfect.

If you could make one wish – which artist would you pick for a collab?

That would have been Wildstylez, but that one is in the making already haha. Next up would probably be Noisecontrollers or Cyber.

Talking to Jay Reeve: Full concentration on stage

Playing B2B is this as easy as it seems to be? Or what preparations are necessary to make it a good one?

I actually don’t prepare b2b sets that much as I do for solo sets. Because at solo sets I can give the crowd a full experience of what they can expect from me. With b2b sets I have to react to the tracks played by the other DJ as well, so I mostly make my decisions on the go. But either way, it’s always important to feel the crowd and react to them as well.

Okay, thanks for these answers. But let’s get more personal. So here they come – offtopic questions: What’s all time your favorite sneaker ?

Nike Air Max 1 or Nike Janoski

If you could be any kind of food, what would it be?

Well baked fries’ hard from the outside but soft from the inside 😛

Thanks for this nice interview Jay Reeve

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