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Neroz – Shocksequence Album Review

Known for his devastating tracks like Bodyshock, Supersonic Superstar, Ultimate Bassdrop or the extremely hyped track: Pinsir, Neroz has rapidly become a m...

Supremacy 2017 Review

On 30th September Art of Dance unleashed a supreme armada of devastating artists upon visitors of Supremacy 2017! An exquisite show throughout the night, a craz...

Supremacy 2015 Review

Embrace the Supremacy It’s fall, normal people dig out their coats and Timberlands, the trees slowly losing their leaves, everything green turns brown and prob...

Warface – The 9 Circles Review

I am the devils reaper! Last year he was one of the fastest raising artists in the raw scene. He released his first album 'Art of War' in November 2014. Now...