Masters of Hardcore - Raiders of Rampage Review
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T his Saturday we set sail towards the Brabanthallen for another edition of Masters of Hardcore. After an amazing ’20 years of rebellion’ edition last year, we were thrilled for another edition. It’s time for Masters of Hardcore – Raiders of Rampage.

We arrived around 21:45 at the Brabanthallen. Entrance A and B were already packed with hardcore fanatics from all over the world! Everybody was ready for another epic party. We joined the row to enter the dome and after 20 minutes we were ready and set to enter!

Of course the first thing you will do is buying a locker and coins, so we did. A locker did cost €7,- (without refund) and tokens were €2,85 each. The tokens were a bit more expensive compared to previous Art of Dance events, but still not that expensive.

Since a few years, Masters of Hardcore also represents the sounds of Raw style. We checked out this stage during the opening set of D-sturb. The area was not fully packed, but the energy and vibe was already intense. D-Sturb played great tracks like Do or Die (Rebelion remix) and his new Menace remix! The Masters of Mjolnir area filled up while D-Sturb was playing the final tracks of his set. D-Sturb did a great job, directly hitting it hard with some of the must shattering kicks from the scene. Of course we are here for the Raiders of Rampage, so we did move quickly, catching a glimpse at all the other stages and set aim towards the main area!


The Brabanthallen is a great location for events like this, it actually looks small on the pictures, but inside it’s huge, offering space for nearly 20.000 people. After a five minute walk, we finally arrived at the other side of the Brabanthallen. Ready to enter the main area; The Raiders of Rampage.

By entering the main area, you instantly walked into the big MoH skull, hanging at the entrance, below it was written Raiders of Rampage. I felt goosebumps at this moment as you can imagine! We luckily could check the final track of the set by Thorax vs Crossfiyah, playing Noize Pumper, DAMN the sound system is doing a great job! This was also the first moment we could catch a glimpse at the stage.


As expected the stage was a well-designed Viking ship, turned to the audience in horizontal direction. The stage had a wide range and was kind of openly designed. During the whole night there were actual fightings in front of the ship, played by actual actors, dressed in some crazy and creepy viking outfits. We think this was a great idea, because it added another dimension to the stage. At the left and right of the stage were two big skulls on wooden pillars, the skulls of the Masters of Hardcore sign, inside the eyes they palced some LEDs, which created amazing effects. At the back of the stage there was a huge LED screen, supporting the whole show, stage and concept with nice and fitting animations.

At the ceiling there were big Viking shields with lasers as well. Between every Viking shield there was a big axe. These axes were able to move and make an ‘attacking’ move. They were attacking the audience, so besides the stage at the front there were some crazy things going on above your head also! One of the craziest concepts I’ve seen so far at a hard dance or hardcore event I believe!
I mean, Art of Dance took it again to a fucking next level. This is a stage from the books and how we love it! So many different aspects and elements, creating stunning visuals and a crazy show!


Let’s have a look at the next set. Dyprax and Bodyshock were hitting the stage. They were playing a perfect mix with tracks like Bitch, Afraid of Me, Syndacite anthem 2015, the Masters of Hardcore anthem of 2015 by Bodyshock and D-Fence’s his new banger Pompen! Wow, during that track the area was literally shaking – insane track! An absolute highlight during this set was the Tha Playah remix of The Future (by Dyprax), In my opinion one of the best hardcore tracks in history! Speaking about Tha Playah, he is ready to enter the stage together with Nosferatu!


Tha Playah and Nosferatu were responsible for the Dominator 2015 anthem and really did a great job during the closing set of Dominator – Riders of Retalliation. I was curious if this set could bring the same vibe, even though they were playing early this night. Just like every Tha Playah set he starts with some tracks at lower BPM, but after a few times this kind of set build-up bores me, I’m sorry. He could have easily started at normal speed. It’s not that special anymore to start every set with tracks like Rebel Dizz, and Still Number One. Of course they are great tracks but I think as a DJ you should bring some variance in your set.

After the opening tracks, they played songs like Hate Me, Just Like Me and Ethernal (Tha Playah, Masters of Hardcore anthem of 2014). They did end there set with Riders of Retaliation, which I expected as well. After this battle it was time for the first live act of the evening. Give it up for Korsakoff vs Re-Style LIVE.

Korsakoff definitely found her own style the last years. Playing more happy hardcore sounding tracks and making funny and crazy remixes. Using uplifting sounds, higher notes, funny vocals and more. Of course they ended their set with ‘Gaan met die Banaan’, the mix by Korsakoff which is doing great lately. They also played a lot of new tracks which sounded very nice and unique. I think this was one of the most unique sets of the night. Now its time for the anthem maker of 2016. Give it up for Miss K8 , accompanied by MC Nolz!


Do you fucking see that?? She’s hovering above the crowd with that fucking viking ship! That’s some crazy shit – I can’t put it into words, Art of Dance just overtrumped the hovering DJ both at Supremacy, by just lifting up the ship and let it flow over the crowd! No words needed, Art of Dance you just proved again, you’re heroes!

It’s time for the anthem, first I was not very happy with the sound of the anthem, especially the sirens at the start. They sounded a bit cheap. But I can assure you, during the opening track of Miss K8’s album showcase, it was really crazy! During this act the lasers were showing up everywere. Even the ship was packed with lasers, in the shield wall of the ship, at the top of the ship, at the back of the stage, the sealing, lasers and fireworks all over the place. One of the most epic official opening acts I have seen so far!

Miss K8 was giving the best she can, assisted by the powerful voice of Mc Nolz, who switched from the Masters of Mjolnir area (Raw Area) towards the main area for once. The new tracks from her Magnet album did sound great, Bokota is already one of my favourites from the album, but also the Unexist Remix is doing great at this sound system. Ending her set with Scream and Metropolis of Messacre (Dominator 2014 anthem) she played a lovely set. Time for an old legend with the uprising talent, give it up for Neophyte vs Furyan!


Starting their set with some freestyle hardcore by Tha Viper, they took the audience to another dimension. I liked that they did play the Exodus anthem of 2016, because I was not able to catch it there. They also played Fight with Anger, one of the best tracks from the newer Angerfist album. At the end of the set D-Fence joined on stage and they played the track Pompen by D-Fence again. A pitty that the track was already played this night, which made it a little bit less exclusive. But still I think the track is getting some top positions at people’s list of their favorite hardcore tracks in 2016.


During the battle between Neophyte and Furyan we set sail towards Loki’s Lair to check out the battle Akira vs Drokz. Damn, this speed is enourmous. The crowd is really excited and full of energy. Last year the terror stage was bit more packed, but I think it was fine like this, since this year you could atleast breath normally and sweat less, haha. Drokz and Akira gave the best they can and played some crazy new tunes. At the end of there set the audience was going from the left to the right unleashing a total mayhem. Really loved the audience inside this small area!


Next in line was the second LIVE act of the evening. And in my opinion still one of the best hardcore DJ’s and producers out there. Some people will say he is a commercial act, but when artists make music that sells I think they are doing a great job, especially in the hardcore scene. Besides his producing skills he is one of the craziest live DJ’s as well. Damn, this act was one of the sickest of the night. His mixing skills are amazing.

Playing a wide range of tracks and mixing them like it’s a piece of cake. Switching from track to track every minute. I really loved the set of Angerfist again, playing his new tracks from the Raise & Revolt CD but also tracks from his older albums like The Deadfaced Dimension passed by. Think about tracks like, Knock Knock, Raise and Revolt, The Deadfaced Dimension, Full Gentle Racket, and Caveman. Ending his set with the dazzeling track Deathmask (The Tripped Mix) this was one of the highlights for sure! After we raised our fist another time it was time for the next battle.


During the Angerfist LIVE act you could also discover Scarphase LIVE, ready to unleash their Phase One. For people who still don’t know: Scarphase is an act consisting of Partyraiser vs F-Nøize. We didn’t knew what this act would bring, but we did split up and we did visit Scarphase LIVE as well! Wow, what a crazy act! The outfits of these guys are really scary. Wearing white outfits with Scarphase on their back and white pants, that look a bit like aussies from Australian, but then with Scarphase logo’s everywhere.

They did wear white half face masks with blood on it, just around the mouth and nose. It looked really sick, like they just walked out of a slaughter house. Well I can tell you, this act really slaughters your body in a good way. The speed in there new tracks is amazing. I hope for all of you that the tracks will be released online very soon so you can all check out!


First of all let’s start with DJ Mad Dog vs Noize Suppressor LIVE. Noize Suppressor LIVE is rewarded with a top 10 best live acts, which is well deserved! The energy during this set was also amazing! By playing tracks such as Party like an animal, Rewind, the Unity anthem and Not my fucking tempo, they really wrecked the dome. This 30 minute set was a crazy ride trough Italian hardcore.


During Evil Activities vs Outblast we went for a little walk to discover the other areas and buy some food. There were many places were you can sit and relax, buy healthy food, fresh fruit, juice and more. You could even get a new tattoo by Day-Mar with the logo of Day-Mar, Angerfist or Korsakoff. After visiting the Siege 885 stage, we went back to the main area. Ready for one of the best acts of the night, Unexist vs Day-Mar.


Unexist did surprise us with his live set at Dominator 2015, together with Malke and Satronica he did really wreck the stage. This time he invited Satronica and his unique and crazy voice again. Together with Day-Mar they brought us the best kicks out there. Wow, the Brabanthallen was really shaking on its ground. Blazing Up, Music is my weapon and Unexistence passed by. Unexist did slam and smash at the stage and the whole audience went total nuts.

When Fuck the System, a real classic, was played we felt goosebumps all the way. They also played some new tracks by Day-Mar which were really cool. Luxery is a great banger. I like the mix of rap, metal and hardcore in the style of these two DJ’s, which fully came to right during their set. After a final check one, two check, one two by Satronica it was time for the final act of the evening.


Just like last year it was time for Destructive Tendencies vs Partyraiser! The ship did sail across the audience once again, including members of Destructive Tendencies and Partyraiser. Warface also joined the ship, so you can expect which track was the opening track: UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!

This is for sure the best mix of rawstyle vs uptempo hardcore in one track. And finally we found another sound system which can stand ground during Destructive Tendencies, the deep bass is so amazing, and what a fucking tempo! They did play tracks like Drop It, and a new track produced together with Partyraiser. Partyraiser was mixing with his elbows again, what a crazy dude! After Scarphase this is for sure one of the best up tempo combinations out there.


In the end we saw many exhausted people, that did had a rough night, but partied to the max. The final kicks were blasting through the dome, ready to leave the raid and sail towards home. After Radical Redemption; The One Man Army and Supremacy, Art of Dance gave us another great indoor event. In our opinion Art of Dance just claimed the throne as the new best event organizer we currently have! Thanks alot, we loved every second!!

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