Hi Partyraiser, we are very honoured to have you here! There has been a lot going on these days in the hardcore scene, but also around you and your new formation called ‘Scarphase’. First of all, let me ask how you doing, 2016 already seems to be a great year for you, right?

It’s been crazy already, had so many nice gigs and have signed some new contracts. 2015 was huge, 2016 is getting even bigger!

Let’s go back in time, we know you gave DJ lessons to youngsters, but who did teach you, or did you master it all by yourself?

To be honest, I did it all by myself.  I was inspired though, I just loved to see the DJ working, to see the crowd jumping to their music (hey I was one of the crowd!). So I thought, yeah, this is my thing, I want to DJ as well! Mixing, practicing every day, sometimes 10 hours a day!  Don’t forget, back in that time we did it just with vinyl.

The hardcore music scene was very underground in the early-years. People seem to understand it now, which is a good thing in our opinion, the scene is growing every day. What is or was the trigger for this movement, in your opinion? We see many improvements in producing wise as well and more people listen to hardstyle, rawstyle and hardcore besides up-tempo hardcore is doing amazing. What are your thoughts about this?

All times were so different. Through my artist eyes I like it nowadays a lot better. The music is great, the fans are amazing, the gigs are so beautiful. Stages/Fireworks/deco/great fresh sounds and also the new advances with dj equipment.

But the shitty part of it, everyone wants to be a dj these days, as I mentioned earlier, as a dj that started with vinyl it’s a shame sometimes, because the real dj feeling, learning beat matching and mix in quarters is gone for my opinion. And sure, it’s a new time, but djing is so much more than hands in the air and smiling! So I like the art of djing more from the older days, you had to work so hard to get into it without internet.

Anyway through visitor eyes I think there isn’t changed very much.  Although in the ’90s I think it was a bit more aggressive than now.  I Don’t know why, but I think the harmony in the scene nowadays is closer.  The music breaks through more, maybe less bad publicity these days –  in the early days there was a shit load of bad reactions against the scene!

The music has had a huge improvement indeed producing wise, technology has helped vastly in this.  And last but not least, people just want to get rid of their daily stress, so there’s not really a better way than at a nice popping party!


Talking about sub-genres in the hardcore scene. We think the sub-genres merge more often. DJ’s are inspiring, and collaborating with artists from other scenes, for instance; Destructive Tendencies recently collabed with Warface, do you think this is a good thing? Or does hardcore loose its own DNA?

I think that everybody must do what they like to do.  If it helps creating a better scene or if it keeps the scene alive I’m so for that! I’m thinking the same way, I’m always busy with improving my sound and style.

How do you describe your own style these days in all these musical violence? We know you also play early-hardcore sets as well, can we still speak of one style, or do you combine different styles as well, and make that your own?

Easy answer on that, I play Partyraiser style for years. Nothing more, nothing less, and everyone who knows me, knows what that means!

Let’s talk about the producing process. We often hear sounds and vocals from heavy-metal tracks pass by in your productions. For instance; ‘Disturbed  – Animal’, in your track ‘Like an Animal’. Do you like to listen to other music genres like metal as well? And in a wider view; Were do you get your inspiration from?

I love so many different types of music. Hardcore is just a part of that. I’m visiting reggae and hip hop concerts, I’m listening to rock ’n Roll and Country, but also commercial music or electro for example.  Rock and heavy metal can be very awesome as well. It gives you so much more if you are more open minded to other kinds of music styles.

There is so much to hear, it’s a big waste to miss it! Life’s short you know… And without all these different types of music there wouldn’t be all the hardcore samples you hear!

For the producers out there, which software do you use? And do you have any tips for these talents?

Working with Cubase and Fruityloops.  As I have my own label, my tip, please make it interesting.  Don’t be too easy with it.  Producing is not a simple thing, create your own style.  Finish a track, create something new, a cool vibe in it. Only a kick is not enough. Plus, atmosphere, think about what you like to hear on a party to go wild!

You are one of the most respected DJ’s from the hardcore scene. People seem to enjoy the Partyraiser sound more often, we can also see some other acts doing great these days with their sound, like Destructive Tendencies for instance. Talking about the DT guys, you seem to have a perfect match with them; can you tell us something about it? How did you guys meet?


I met these guys at a Dominator festival a few years ago. Mick, one of the trio send me one of their tracks.  Nobody seems to do something with it, I liked the track though. So I played this track (this is your moment) at the huge Dominator main stage. And there they were, the DT guys waving their UK flags.  So proud that I dropped their track.

After that I played more stuff by them, I had the belief in them. I invited them to play on my parties and since then we are close friends. And they deserve it, their career is going sky high and I’m very proud on them! Unfortunately, some others think only about their self and nothing more, they don’t even want to play new producers music, but to continue with this scene you should give others a chance as well. Future is important.

Together you produced ‘Sounds Become One’, which was a bit of a game changer for them, but also for the whole hardcore scene. We still like that track, so thanks a lot! This year you guys produced another track to close down Masters of Hardcore called; ‘Fuck the Fame and Fortune’ if I’m right. Can you tell us something about this track?

You are more than welcome; Sound Becomes One is the most special project I ever worked on.  It was the biggest dream to see it became the number one voted track of that year. Yes. Fuck The Fame and Fortune track is the newest. Why?…Because there are artist who earn so much money while doing shit on stage! Texting, or playing pre-record sets. Show the crowd the love of being a DJ. We all like fame, we all like to have fortune, no lie or bullshitting about that. But earn it, don’t act fake to your crowd, your own fans. They pay a shit load of money to see you play.  To see you perform. Be proud that you have the chance to do that, why acting as a king while your performance is weak and fake!  So show them, give them what they deserve.  That is what we like to say with this track!

Speaking about Masters of Hardcore, you launched your new formation together with Scarphase, which was a great success! How do you look back at this Scarphase Phase One?

Ow man, I was crazy nervous haha.  I mean, we did so much work up front and we had to prepare something totally new.  This is our new live act, we had to buy all new equipment to go live. We also had to buy all kinds of stuff for the act on stage as well. And of course the most important thing, we had to have and to create much new cool music.

And I think we did, because the place was packed!!! It was fully loaded and the atmosphere was badass!  So much great responses during and after the show. I think Scarphase is born and we are here and not leaving anymore! We are doing good already.  And we are very happy with that. We have 9 booked gigs and 12 options already.

And yeah we are closing my own festival at the outdoor mainstage with fireworks and everything. And the craziest thing is for sure our performance at the Dominator mainstage.  How awesome is that? So we are in full throttle mode on with producing more tracks.

Besides F. Nøize we also see a woman passing by frequently, who is she, and what is here roll in the Scarphase formation?

Hehe, the idea came up soon before the party. It’s an extra. Waving the flag, throwing some cool items and merchandise into the crowd.  And also shooting the co2 gun. Many people asking me, who is she.  Well, okay… it is my beautiful future wife Savannah.  And there is more to come…she will get another element in the group. For the first time to see at Dominator mainstage.


Lately we see more formations like these, especially in the rawstyle scene. Did this trigger you to start the Scarphase formation? Or what did inspire you?

No, I just want it to play more with my buddy F. Noize. He is my created son, haha. I brought him to Holland and this scene and played his first songs as well.  We are so at the same level.  And because of that we created this formation, and Most wanted were the ones who created the name. We teamed up and I’m still very happy with it!

When will Scarphase Phase Two take place? Maybe a surprise act at BKJN VS Partyraiser, haha?

Well it’s now confirmed, we will close the Mainstage outside between 22.00 and 22.30 at my festival 🙂


Speaking about BKJN VS Partyraiser, which is taking place at 11 June, Silverdome – Zoetermeer, how thrilled are you for this? What can we expect?

It is gonna be so epic! First time a hardcore festival in this area. We have 4 great stages across in and outdoor spaces,  plus the biggest and craziest line up we’ve ever had before! If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, be smart and get them soon. After all sold out BKJN vs Partyraiser events we did, this one is at 85% sold now. I’m so thrilled and again nervous, its my own festival, it’s so cool and a big honour. Are you guys going by the way? Expect the hardest beats you can imagine.

YES WE DO and we can’t wait!!

There will be 4 area’s, Frenchcore, Uptempo & Terror, Outdoor Mainstage and a Indoor Mainstage. We see many great artists in the line-up. How did you select these artists?

I selected the outdoor Mainstage and the indoor mainstage. I select by quality/Crowd popularity and of course grant factor. The other stages are made by the BKJN promoter itself.

You will play a 7 hour exclusive set, did you ever played a 7 hour set before? This will be one hell of a ride right, haha?!

Yes, one time 9 hours.  Remember, I had my own Thrillogy in 2013 😉 That was crazy, I was sick at that time as well. I just left the hospital! But I made it, so we’re going to do this again! It’s a long time, don’t get me wrong.  But I did many 5 and 6 hours solo’s and I’m feeling good.  Preparing for my wedding this summer as well, but I’m full of energy – Let’s do this!!!


If you would be there as a visitor, which sets and artists do you recommend?

ALL!!! No doubt about that. I respect everyone on that stage and I know for sure that every set will great and one to visit!

There were some indoor editions of BKJN vs Partyraiser before, this will be a whole new outdoor concept, what made you decide to run a concept like this?

Because we sold out all the episodes and had to say no to many other fans who missed the ticket sale.  That’s always a shame, so we thought, lets go bigger – with a summer time date and a different region.  It’s a big try out, we can’t wait to fulfil it.

Silverdome is a legendary location, you played there many times at events like Nightmare, Rave the City and more.. Also Qlimax and Hardbass took place at this great location. Can you tell us something about the location?

Location is great; acoustics wise it’s amazing! It’s big, but not too big.  So very good for the atmosphere. I played there already in 2005 and 2006 etc. At the legendary Project hardcore gigs. Pure love for this cool and hard location!


Speaking about legendary locations and moments, what was the craziest moment in your entire career?

I really have too much memory’s.  It sounds cliché, but I can’t answer this.  Every week something beautiful happening again!!!

This all sounds very promising! We can’t wait for this event to happen! Let’s chat a bit about your private life. We did spot a butterfly tattoo at your arm, do you still collect butterflies?

No that’s over.  But I still have them hanging on my walls 😉 It’s an old tradition though.

Talking about your private life. You are very open-faced about it. We can often read stories about your private life at your Facebook page. Also your fans can count on you every day.  Aren’t you worried that your private life and DJ life will interfere too much?

No, because i really don’t share all 😉 I think it’s cool to share some private things in a while.  In that way they can see that I’m just a normal person just as they are. For me it’s very important that they can ask me things and I like to answer them as well. It keeps me closer with my fans, the beloved persons that keep me here, some other artist forgotten about that!

Final Question: Speaking about the fans, do you have anything left to say to them?

I love you, as long as you stay here and follow me and give me this feeling i will continue with the best job in this world!!

Thanks and Respect, hope to see you Saturday at the Silverdome/Zoetermeer/Holland

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