A special radio program on Q-Dance radio before the event takes place, shall emphasize that DEDIQATED will become epic.

Q-dance is really leaving no doubt, that the upcoming DEDIQATED event will become a big night. Whilst the preparations for the 20th. Anniversary are making progress, Q-Dance offers a special program on their radio network “Q-Dance Radio” to bring you through the final week.

Every day starting from 4:00 0pm to 8:00 pm following the teams of the upcoming event, you will have the chance to listen to a full set of “Qdance Classic set”, followed by a 60 minutes set of “Masters of Melody” and another full hour of “The Birth of Raw” and the closing set “20 Years of Hardcore” starting at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

This is the official schedule for the final week

But the real highlight awaits you on Saturday morning

But the highlight is taking place on Saturday when Q-Dance is going to broadcast the first 75# tracks of the Hardstyle Top 100 of all time. So tune in at 09:00 am this Saturday to make sure, you won’t miss this epic broadcast. We definitely can’t wait

Check the stream out here …

Only few tickets left

For all among us, who haven´t decided yet whether they should go or not – or even want to buy the tickets later, be warned. There are only few tickets left. So better get your tickets now

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