Q-dance presents Qonnect

A special Hardstyle marathon show – to unite the world and fight corona. Due to the corona virus, no events are currently allowed to take place. Entire countries are in lock down, schools, bars, clubs are completely closed. The people are requested to stay at home and to minimize their social activities. Q-dance is therefore preparing a special show called “QONNECT” to serve the scene’s need for Hardstyle.

On their website Q-dance writes that they are preparing a 10 hours hardstyle marathon. Together with their hosts Adrenalize, Audiofreq, E-Life and Tellem – they will spread the power of Hardstyle to every living room accross the globe. Thus QONNECT is a unique 10 hours program comprising sets from artists, interviews with hardstylers from all over the world and even more specials.

The Full Lineup

The show will take place on Saturday March 21st. from 13:00 – 23:00 (CET)

The message is clear: Lets unite the world through Hardstyle – lets QONNECT


As you all know, the Coronavirus has made an enormous impact on the world as we know it. Entire countries are in lockdown, universities are closed, people are required to stay at home and multiple events have been canceled.

With so many people forced to stay inside, we believe that it’s time to shine some light into the homes of the global hardstyle community. Our dedication for the harder styles is what unites us, giving us strength during even the most complicated moments. With QONNECT, it is our goal to unite the global hardstyle community. Fans, promoters, artists: we’re all in this together, no matter where you’re from. We believe that it’s important that we take our responsibility as one tribe. That’s why we asked all involved artists to record a special QONNECT set at home or another isolated location. These will be aired during the show this Saturday. More information about the line-up will be available soon.

Consequently tune in!! Q-dance – Qonnect

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