You’re looking for some new music and you like it raw? No problem, we listed a few raw tunes of 2015, you should definitely check out!

5. Malice

Signed at Gearbox, Aleandro Bollino & Davide Guernieri really deserve more attention. Their sound is … hard, pretty hard. You can compare their style with Delete and Thera. Every time I listen to these guys I’m like “HOLY SH*T!”. They already brought us some massive releases like “Stand Back” and “Dictatorship” and I can’t wait to see them performing one day. Lately they released a few new tracks, which I want to mention in this list: Unresolved – EDM (Malice Remix), Malice – Doom, Malice & Adventum – Concentr8.

Unresolved - EDM (Malice Remix)

4. Typhoon

Gooooo Bounce! This man is taking rawstyle to the next level with his brand new album Enter The Typhoon! A creative mix of rawstyle and hardcore elements, called Rawcore. A Hardcore similar kick, with a heavy distortion, high screeches and scary vocals. Especially at 160 bpm the tracks develop their full potential!

Typhoon - Enter The Typhoon

 3. B-Front

This man is unstoppable, now signed at Roughstate together with Ran-D, Adaro and Frequencerz he brought us two brand new tracks! The tracks are known since months, but just lately they got released – Witch & Blackness. He is a truly master in producing, so much power and atmosphere in his tracks, still sticking to his original style, always blow my mind! His tracks never get boring and his performances are outstanding – go and check out Witch and Blackness.

B-Front - Blackness

B-Front - Witch

2. E-Force

The creator of this year’s Qapital anthem also had the honor to mix the official Qapital compilation, packed with the maximum of rawstyle. Enjoy the latest tracks by Warface, B-Front, Bass Chaserz, Titan, Luna and new tunes by Hard Attakk, perfectly mixed, so you never get bored while listening. Step into the darkness and let yourself go with this amazing one disc compilation with just the finest rawstyle tunes.

E-Force - Blood Written

Get it HERE

1. Delete & Warface

They are the baddest mother*ckers in the god damn valley. Delete & Warface with The Baddest , first played at Hardbass 2015, the crowd went wild on this insane tune! Both styles perfectly fit together and it’s a hell of ride to hard screeches and two unreal kicks. I can’t really describe how hard they are, so you HAVE to listen to it! I know some people complaining about rawstyle by saying it’s just heavy kicks with screeches – but you know what? F*CK YOU this is awesome!!

Delete & Warface - The Baddest

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