We are about to explore what goes on in the mind of one of the hottest RAW artists on our scene at the moment. As the anthem maker for Shockerz 2023, he promises to take their stage by storm and make the crowd go insane once again! He promises that 2024 will be even more electrifying and this is only the beginning for him, so let’s find out more about all of this and more from – Aversion!

Royal Flush

1. Aversion! What a year for you this has been! Tell us how you felt going into 2023 and how you feel now after all of the success during the year.

Hey guys, it’s an honor to speak with you! I’m doing really good. I’m currently prepping my final shows for this year and also having a lot of projects up and running for 2024 already 🙂

2. Shockerz is one of the biggest RAW events of the year and we are so happy to see you creating the anthem for it. How did it feel getting the call and what was your plan for the track in order to make it special?

It was honestly unreal to get that phone call. My set last year at Shockerz turned out really well and it was also the place where I premiered ‘Activation’ for the first time! To get the chance to make the official anthem for Shockerz this year was a dream coming through. All the Aversion stars aligned haha!

The Shockerz team gave me the theme of the event and I went from there. Together with the trailer in mind I made the anthem packed with tons of energy, storytelling and innovative sound design!

3. What can fans expect from your live set at Shockerz – any surprises?

Always a lot of surprises of course 😉 I’ll keep this a secret until Shockerz though!

4. The breakout hit – Activation. Wow. It has been played on countless stages this summer, even being the Go-To set finisher for Hardwell at the biggest festivals in the world. How did that make you feel when you saw it, and did you expect any of this?

I honestly don’t know how to feel about it haha, I made the track in a couple of hours the day before Shockerz and I would’ve NEVER anticipated that it would do so much for me. I am eternally grateful for all the support I’ve received because of it! We all know what the key is to ‘Activation’… 😉 (aggressively TU TU TU TU’s).

5. Speaking of that track and how popular it has gotten, it is very likely that it will hit the number 1 spot on the Top 100 Hardstyle tracks of 2023. If that happens, do you plan on celebrating in some way? Fans might recall a certain promise you made on Reddit some time ago.

Haha, well… A lot of amazing music got released this year! I would love it if Activation would make it in the top of the lists, but I can’t really imagine what I would do if it turns out to number 1. I did see that the Hardstyle Awards just started, so go and vote for your favorite music and artists people!

6. The DJ life is all about travel and being at new places all the time. What was your favorite new country/event that you got to perform at this year?

Knockout in Australia was definitely a BIG highlight for me. That vibe Down Under is something else <3

7. Another part of the DJ life is the production. What inspires you to create new music?

I get inspired a lot by other music genres honestly! I listen to all sorts of music when I’m driving, in the gym or just having a walk outside. Hearing something unique or innovative can instantly spark my creativity and get me to create new sounds as well for my music!

8. You are no stranger to collaborations so I am sure fans would like to know if there are some coming soon. Can you tease us a bit?

It’s a shame that is question number 8, because this answer to this question would have fitted a lot better with the number … Seven … 7 … 😉

9. Adding on to that – who is your dream collab? A DJ/Producer you would love to mix your style with?

It might sound extremely far-fledged, but after seeing and hearing Hardwell performing my track this entire summer on the biggest stages in the world… There is this unavoidable urge to one day jump in the studio with Robbert and make a filthy banger together!

10. Do you like the current state of the Hardstyle scene? What would you like to see more or less of and why?

I do! The amazing thing about music genres in general is that it is always progressing and innovating. There are no rules in music: if it sounds dope it is dope!

11. On Instagram you brand yourself as the “Sexiest Hardstyle DJ Alive”. If that is true, who is right after you on that list?

On a good day, when the sunset is hitting the tanned faces of ‘Gezellige Uptempo’ in the right way, they’re probably the second sexiest act in Hard Dance 😉

12. You have shared on social media that 2024 will be even better and harder than ever. Can you share some insight on what we can expect?

Me and my team are currently working on a brand-new Aversion live performance! This is something absolutely next level for me and I can’t wait to show this to the world. I will premiere this live act for the very first time in Germany @ Apex in Mannheim on February 3rd 2024!

13. What is your message to the Hardstyle community and your fans in particular?

A massive THANK YOU to every single person that supported me this year. It has been the most incredible year of my life and it is all thanks to you guys. I’m going to do my absolute best to keep making music that you like. See you soon! <3

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