The world’s leading music page for Hardstyle releases enriches its functions and transforms into a complete hardstyle platform. Starting from free up to exclusive hardstyle-related content, combined with a free membership, a huge merchandise shop, and much more. Hardstylemag took a close look, what you can get here.


Up to now, the website was either known for being a source for the latest Hardstyle releases and the daily updated TOP 100. The well-known platform has always been offering all official releases on the day of the release. And we all are used to artists who proudly present their current place in the charts and the commend “can we get it any higher?”.

Already 15 years ago (2009) the legend Dov Elkebas aka DJ The Prophet founded the page to serve the Hardstyle world with the latest releases. Since then, more than 85.000 users registered on that page – and more than 135.000 tracks have been released here. Indeed, these are numbers that prove its tremendous success. Today the page can call itself the biggest hardstyle catalog on earth.


After 15 years – on June 9th 2021 the page announced its transformation into a music portal. Serving music releases and charts as we are used to it, but also offering exclusive content, news and event and artists info. Besides this, the page also launched its own merchandise website.

We’re going to add a news feed that brings an extra dimension to our completely renewed web environment, bringing you the latest news, music and charts our scene has to offer, all in one place.

! So let’s have a close look, what do we get here:


Within a brand new section, the page will update all users about the latest news concerning the world of Hardstyle. Including a lot of exclusive content around the music, the events and its artists. According to the page, this section is still under construction and will soon experience more concepts. Currently, the news are listed one below the other in tabular form.


The variety of Hardstyle merchandise can luckily offer a lot here, as items from every major label and DJ get offered here. The goal is clear: Offering the widest range of Hardstyle merchandise at the best quality possible.

The new Platform: Preview Merchandise Shop

The online store looks very tidy and clear. Whilst the latest and products get displayed on the starting page, you can surf the categories on the left or filter the offer via a price bar. The offer covers the full range of standard merchandise. From flags, over CDs and Hoodies – everything is in here.

The top bar allows you to filter the offer by-products or by artists. Especially the offer per Artist is impressive. From A like Adaro up to Z like Zatox – they are all here.


Of course, the good old charts remain luckily the same. Meaning that the charts will experience their daily update according to the recent downloads. On a monthly basis the best performing tracks will be additionally displayed on the monthly newsfeed. So pretty sure, we will continue to see Artists posting their current spots on the socials – well deserved 😉

The new Platform: The known charts


Here we don’t have any changes as well. The latest music still gets released here and with this the catalogue of Hardstyle Music continues to grow. Categorized from Hardstyle, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore – you have the full choice. For people who want to buy a track, we still have three options to choose from. Either the original *Wave or a MP3 version – both is possible. Have you already checked today’s releases?


For all users who demand more, provides more for premium members. Premium users are provided with exclusive content and early access to the latest music. In addition, premium users receive Artist insides and also event information. The only thing you have to do is to register an account – and it is completely for free!

CONCLUSION – The new Platform

First of all, the good old remains true to its known services. The charts and latest music will be still available as we are used to it. The services just get improved, for instance with other sections and therefore provides the user with more content if requested. The user is absolute free to choose, whether to become a premium member to get exclusive content or not. As the premium membership is for free, there is absolutely no risk to become a member. Therefore we think, that will foster its role in the world of Hardstyle. Good Job

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