With a COVID Incidence of over 400 the Dutch government announced a new lockdown for the whole country. The bad news got spread over the internet seconds after the press conference started at 7 pm CET. And with these new rules, once again a lot of planned events get canceled.


Although it was to be expected, the news is still a shock for us and the whole scene. Once again the Netherlands imposes a new lockdown and prevents upcoming Hardstyle events to take place.

The new lockdown will apply tomorrow November 13th. and endure for 3 weeks. Events between 6 PM to 6 AM are not allowed to take place. In addition, stores have to close after 8 PM or even earlier, once they are not vital for daily life. Once events take place, it can only happen without dancing and everyone seated. People can only meet 4 people at home.


Art of Dance directly postponed the upcoming Warface Event ‘Life for This” to November 12. 2022. This just 17 hours before the event was supposed to take place. Sure other events like Qlimax, or even Peacock in Concert are affected as well.

Netherlands 3 weeks lockdown: Q-dance picture


Within seconds later Q-dance followed with an official statement regarding the upcoming Qlimax edition. The post shows a lot of emotion:

Our worst nightmare has just become reality… Qlimax The Reawakening will not take place this year. What might have been the most memorable edition in the history of Qlimax, turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments we’ve ever experienced.When the Dutch event industry came back to life in September, we felt confident again about Qlimax. It was the start of an intense, but awesome period during which we worked nearly non-stop with the involved artists, creatives and all the other parties that are essential to the creation of Qlimax. We finally rediscovered the energy that was lost for so long as we were counting down the days until November 20th. It’s a heavy setback that the Dutch government pulls the plug one week before our event. Production in the GelreDome was well under way while our show & live team had been working day and night to lay the finishing touch to Qlimax’s signature shows. Even now, we’re struggling with finding the right words to describe how we feel. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had multiple cancellations, but this one certainly delivers the biggest blow.For those in possession of a Qlimax ticket: you’ll receive more information by email about the refund of your order within two weeks. We understand that this news hits you guys just as hard as us. Please know that we’re here for you and that we’ll always stay aligned as disciples of Qlimax, especially in times like this.For now, there’s not much more to do for us than to drink the pain away with the entire team and forget about this situation. Thank you for your dedication and support, we truly hope to see you soon.Q-dance


Currently, we cant foresee how this will end. It’s just hard to see, how quickly those restrictions can be imposed. All Hardstylers who have already bought their tickets for the concerning events, should follow the socials for further information. So please, stay healthy and believe in Hardstyle – the nightmare is not over yet. We feel sorry for all Artists and Event organizers !!

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