Is this the bass train? No! This is the BASS SHUTTLE. The party bus organization HardTours developed a very special concept to entertain the party people during the COVID 19 shutdown. A bus equipped with a huge sound system, Dj booth, lights and a bar. The ultimate party on rolls and a lot of party dates are coming up. HardstyleMag took a look at this very unique concept.

Editor: Zwiesel

Okay, the COVID 19 shutdown endures. Only small events up to 100 people under strict governmental restrictions are allowed in the Netherlands again. But as the shutdown continues, more and more creative concepts are coming up. Whilst venues started to host “drive in” events, the German party bus organization HardTours started with a very special party bus concept. The Bass shuttle is coming!

Bass Shuttle: Let’s have a party on the way to the party

What is the Bass Shuttle ?

The original idea was born some years ago when HardTours decided to have at least one very special bus, that would bring the party people to the festivals. The bus should have a dedicated DJ booth, a bar serving beverages, lights and a powerful sound system. Approximately 1 year ago, in conjunction with Ruhr ‘G’ Beat Events and a long list of volunteers, the project was brought to an end and Germany’s hardest bus on wheels was presented. A complete bus with the ultimate festival and party gimmicks party people need for having a party on the way to the party.

Impressive modifications

Already within the first second when you enter the bus you realize, that the guys from Hardtours didn’t do things by halves.

  • A sound system with 15.000 Watts from Audio-System Hifi
  • A sophisticated air conditioning
  • A complete Light System (by ‘verLEDung‘)
  • A bar serving beverages
  • 34 leather seats
  • A complete technically equipped DJ Booth
  • Live DJ
  • Toilet

The complete package is therefore the result of a matching concept, that makes each tour very special.

Bass Shuttle: Stunning the bar


Thanks to the ease of several COVID 19 regulations, small gatherings of people became recently allowed in North Rhine-Westphalia – so HardTours modified the concept by hosting special city tours.

Each city tour offers 5 to 6 hours a full party bus trip on a predefined route with live DJs. For this purpose, several event promoters are already offering special Hardstyle and Hardcore tours.

The first edition has already taken place.

Bass Shuttle : Aftermovie of the Citytour Vol. 1

More Dates coming

Whilst no events are taking place, such concepts are appreciated for a good reason. HardTours already offers tours throughout July and August. The full list of events and tickets can be found on the official page

The first dates bookable:

  • 20.06.2020 / Livestream im Bus vor Ort / Dequinox
  • 27.06.2020 / Oberhausen + Umgebung / Defqon.1 Germany Facebook Gruppe
  • 04.07.2020 / Bochum / Fanatic Mind Events 
  • 11.07.2020 /  Dortmund / Fanatic Mind Events 
  • 18.07.2020 / Düren + Umgebung / Dequinox
  • 01.08.2020 / Wuppertal + Umgebung / Hardcore Germany Facebook Gruppe
  • 08.08.2020 / Dortmund + Umgebung / XecuteMusic

It is pretty sure that more dates will follow soon – we will keep you updated.

For more information visit the official website Bass-Shuttle

Bass Shuttle: Front view
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