For over 2 years now, the COVID pandemic has Europe in a stranglehold – and with this outdoor and indoor events could very rarely take place. Although the new Omicron variant seems to be highly infective, the number of people sent to the hospital is getting lower. For many countries this circumstance has already been the reason, to lift all or most of the COVID measures.


Attending the press conference on February 15, the Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuipers announced several relaxations to the national coronavirus restrictions. Already on February 18th. first relaxations will come into effect, and most of the rest already one week later.


The rules limiting group sizes and household guests will be lifted with immediate effect. The Home-Office requirement will be reduced to a mandatory 50% home office instead of 100%.

End of COVID – can we dare to dream?: Ernst Kuipers

Ernst Kuipers confirmed on Thursday evening, the Dutch government has decided to lift various COVID-19 restrictions as of February 18. The following relaxations will come into effect on Friday:

  • Nightclubs can open again
  • No G1 Rule for Indoor Events with up to 500 visitors
  • Outdoor events are fully exempted from testing
  • Extended opening times for hospitality and cultural industries 

Further relaxations will come effectively one week later – on February 25th.

  • Lift of 1.5m distance rule
  • No mandatory face mask
  • No high-risk areas anymore


We really don’t dare to dream, but this time – it looks really good. With this mild variant, we really think we all will meet again. So for all who are wondering what’s next Reverze on March 12th, afterwards we can meet at Qapital on April 2nd.

End of COVID – can we dare to dream? Rebirth Festival 2022

Then it’s finally time to kick off the festival season with Rebirth from 8th. to 10th. April. So – were do we weet?

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