Rise or fall of the restless?

The summer festival season is almost over, as Q-Base generally marks the end. Today we will take a look at Belgium’s number one hardstyle outdoor festival – The Qontinent. Some were there for the whole weekend and had already set their tents at the camping, and others were there for just one day. As we couldn’t stay more than a day, we decided to attend The Qontinent Rise of the Restless on Saturday only. We also had the honour to ask a few questions to this year’s anthem maker of The Qontinent, Psyko Punkz!


The Qontinent is a big festival that takes place every year in Belgium at the Recreation Area Puyenbroeck Wachtebeke, which is some kind of a big park with four basins that surround the whole festival. From above it looks like a giant butterfly with its middle, the main island, where most of the stages are settled (The Terminal, The Lab, Ground Control and The Archive). Q-Dance and Bass Events, both elites that require no introduction here, organize this event.

We arrived on saturday morning around 11am, fresh and ready to rave the whole day, and as it was our very first time at this legendary destination, both excitement and high expectation from an amazing line-up and a promise to have a good time were working like pure adrenaline on us.

Nothing could have shattered our optimism. I don’t know about the previous years, but this year, the security was absolutely on point. They checked our bags and us as usual, but there was also another armed patrol behind the first security line, which is, given the tragic events that still occur in Europe and around the world, very reassuring.

Once we had passed them we took our time to pass the main entrance of the festival and enjoy the amazing view we had in front of us. The sun was blazing high in the clear blue sky, and Hardstyle was pounding in our ears. The smell of a summer of Hardstyle was steadily gaining us as we kept going, but, as we hadn’t had the opportunity to eat something on the road, we decided to look for some highly appreciated things to eat.
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We were told that The Qontinent was providing the best food among all the other events that occur throughout the year. And it was right. Even if the price of what you can have can seriously slow down your rush for food, once you taste what they have, you immediately regret not to have bought more tokens at the token cabins. If I had to give you a piece of advice, if you go to The Qontinent next year, you have to taste their Belgian fries with mayonnaise. They are the absolute best in the world.

We then went straight away to the Ground Control aka mainstage, where Lowriderz were opening saturday’s festivities. This year the mainstage was looking like a big Watch Tower. Lowriderz already rocked the mainstage. People love them for what they do and it doesn’t take more a minute to understand why. They were followed by the two talented twins Sound Rush, who delivered a quality set with great uplifting euphoric vibes.

We decided to go and pay a visit to some good old Hardcore act at The Armory, where The Predator was playing. It was the first time I had the opportunity to listen to what he was all about, as I had never heard about him before. I don’t know if you have ever experienced shifting from a chill and melodic stage to a devastating hardcore set where everybody goes absolutely crazy, but if you have once the opportunity to do it, and you will feel the dark power of hardcore when it hits you. What a blast! But even though we wanted to stay for Mad Dog that was playing right after him, we decided to keep the best for the end and wait for his closing set at the Mainstage with Dj Anime.


After crossing the small bridge that was leading to the main Island, we felt the urging need to get back to something was as ferocious as Hardcore, but rather than going to an upper bpm level, we went to The Terminal where Digital Mindz was playing. The good old track Torture from Crypsis & Luna worked like a lash hit on the crowd. Everybody went absolutely nuts and a human fist pumping sea was battering the stage like a rough sea during a storm. The danger with Rawstyle is that its dark power quickly seduces you, and the two other sets that were following with Sub Sonik and Bass Chaserz felt like one huge rush.

We left a few minutes before the end of Bass Chaserz set to find some drinks and seek refreshment at a big tree in the middle of the alley next to the Merchandise stores that was spraying water to all the partygoers that were around. As the sun was starting to keep coursing to the East, its beams were glowing through the mist sprayed that was around, and the whole picture of it was coming straight from a fairy tale.

Delete was right next after Bass Chaserz set, and we rushed to get there and attend one of the most brutal acts in the rawstyle scene. In my entire life I have never felt that much bass in my face. Every track Delete played was like a dark blessing for my ears. There are absolutely no words to describe how you feel at one of his set. You travel to another dimension, a different reality at a very crazy place.

After one hour of a breath taking set, it was time to get back to good old Hardstyle with D-Block & S-Te-Fan at the mainstage. The sun was shining and the picture from the VIP stage was once again breath taking. One hour set that was filled with emotions, respect towards these hardstyle legends and Shiverz down my spine.
[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/TheQontinent/videos/vb.118745338136234/1261031947240895/?type=2&theater” width=”800″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

The Qontinent – Rise of the Restless anthem maker Psyko Punkz was performing right after their set. It was a bit heart breaking to see him playing as Psyko Punkz alone. It was a way more hectic set than the previous sets I had attended when Psyko Punkz was still a duo.

We unfortunately didn’t have much time to talk with him as we couldn’t find a quieter place to ask him a few questions. We just asked him to give us his impressions about this year’s Qontinent experience.

So Wietse, how would you describe this year edition of The Qontinent?’

Wietse (Psyko Punkz): Awesome! I just have to say this: I Love It, I Love It and I LOVE it !

We then rushed to attend the Frequencerz at The Terminal, to get a little taste of their notorious Medium Rare vibe. It was a really nice set, the crowd was very responsive to all of their tracks, and even though we had been then for a few minutes we had a great moment there.

Deetox was playing right after them, and the last time I had attended one of her show was at Qlimax 2015 where I was really surprised by the quality and the energy in her set. And of course she nailed it like a real hardstyle goddess!

The Lab was right next to The Terminal, and even if we avoided going there during our time at The Qontinent, we gathered our remaining strength and courage to go to where it knocks the hardest where Luxxer vs Stolen Cult were casting their dark magic on the crowd. Even though, it’s not what I listen to everyday, It was a really cool experience with one hell of a crazy tempo.

As we hadn’t set foot at The Archive we left the Lab before Luxxer vs Stolen Cult had finished their set and went to attend Zany’s show. But as soon as we arrived, still trying to catch our breath, Zany asked the people to do the same thing he did at Defqon.1 with Mc DV8, which is putting your arm around someone that is next to you and going eight steps left and eight steps right with him at the same pace as Dikke Vette Bassplaat of Zazafront is playing. It was a really fun thing to experience, everybody goes left & right, and definitely something you don’t see anywhere else in the world.


Angerfist had already started his set when we came back from The Archive, and god, you know right away who is the boss on stage. No need to describe how legendary his set was as his reputation precedes him. Every single time I attend one of his show, when it stop, I see double and can hear the beats rolling like an echo in my head for at least 10 minutes.

In an ultimate effort we went back to the main stage and attended the last set of the day with Mad Dog vs Anime. Italian Hardcore is for me one of the most impressive hardcore as they merge high energy, fast tempo and mind-blowing melodies in a perfect balance. It’s explosive and perfect to way to reach the closing ceremony.

We also had the chance to have a quick chat with them at the VIP stage while gazing at the Endshow of The Qontinent.
[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/TheQontinent/videos/vb.118745338136234/1261915323819224/?type=2&theater” width=”800″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

You just played a great set right before the closing ceremony, can you tell us how do you feel after that?

Mad Dog & Anime: Yes it was amazing, we really like the design of the stage this year, we were really happy to play at The Qontinent, this is also the second set I play today… There is no word to describe what we have experienced today!

It was then time to get back home, but it was a really great experience. We would like to thank Bass Events & Q-Dance that gave us the opportunity to be part of this edition of The Qontinent, and their amazing job for this year The Qontinent – Rise of the Restless.

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