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Germany‘s leading EDM Festival Airbeat One was calling for its 20th. Anniversary. With a huge lineup and lot of announced specials, we expected huge things. We attended a full weekend and in this article we share our thoughs and impressions.

Melanie Ludwig

This time everything was themed Edition home, which was fitting for the 20th anniversary. I was a day visitor on Friday and Saturday and it was totally worth it!What once started as a village fair, is now one of the biggest EDM-Festivals in Germany, Europe and the biggest in Northern Germany.

Airbeat One 2023 – View on the main stage
Review: This was Airbeat One Festival 2023 – View on the main


I traveled with my car. Everything was well signposted and was easy to find. If you were a day visitor a few times before, it shouldn’t be too hard because it hasn’t changed in the past years. 

Arrived on P5, the day visitor parking lot, i could exchange my ticket for my festivals bracelet without any problems. After that i took the bus shuttle which brought me quickly to the festival. It was good organized as always, and it saved me a long walk. There  were no problems, even on the way back. I was brought from the festivals directly to the parking lot where I parked my vehicle. It all happened without any hectic and stress. 

Venue The area was on the airfield Neustadt-Glewe in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, directly at the A24 Hamburg – Berlin. The size of the entire festival area covers 80,000 square meters.

Airbeat One 2023 – Well crowded main
Review: This was Airbeat One Festival 2023 – Well crowded main


The MainStage was designed as the Brandenburger Tor this year. 180m wide und 40m high,  very impressive to see the Brandenburger Tor as a Stage in front of you . 

The Eaglestage ( aka known as the q-dance stage) was this year without q-dance for the first time. Like the name says Eagle, it’s suitable for hardstyle , colorful and diverse. The Eagle is also shown in the coat of arms from Germany. I was most of the time at this stage because my heart beats for hardstyle. 

Second stage: I thought it was bigger than last year, it was typically designed after Goa. The stage was always well visited even till the end. Here I missed the reference to the theme 20 years Airbeat-one Home Edition. 

The Terminal Stage was placed next to the Hardstylestage in a tent. The stage design was designed after the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. 

Arena stage: was also placed in a tent, also equipped with good technology and good sound. 

Airbeat One 2023 – Fire at night
Review: This was Airbeat One Festival 2023 – Fire at night


HBZ: Both German Boys filled the tent, heated up the crowd  and nailed it. With their hits such as ,,Lebenslang‘‘, ‚,aloha hey‘‘ or ,, King Kong‘‘ they have created quite an atmosphere. The Highlight for me on this airbeat-one was that this was their debut on this festival. Chapeau boys !!!!Paul  elstak & bogshee with surprise guest Finch: Paul elstak is a legend in the hardcore/hardstyle scene. Together with Bogshee he managed to get the Eagle stage quake with hits like ,,rainbow in the sky‘‘ , ,,kind eines teufels‘‘ or ,,gabby girl‘‘. And suddenly finch appeared on stage, together with Paul he danced and performed their song. After their performance he appeared in the crowd and watched the performance of Paul along with the other Airbeat visitors.

Mc Villain became DJ Villain spontaneously because a delay of some DJs. Villain ruled the mixers for about 90min and played hit after hit. The crowd was very  pleased. A round of applause for being this spontaneous. 

Scooter : how much is the fish ? Hyper hyper …. The boys around HP-Baxter rocked  the MainStage . The technoband from Hamburg had kind of a home game. The MainStage was crowded, everyone wanted to see scooter- the hype is real.The grande finale on the MainStage ended with a great show and lots of fireworks. People were hugging, they thought of the festival weekend and enjoyed the beautifully designed last show. I enjoyed  this moment just as much.

Airbeat One 2023 – Brandenburger Tor with fireworks
Review: This was Airbeat One Festival 2023 – Brandenburger Tor with fireworks


Airbeat, like every year, is great organized for me as a day visitor. Some just get there to party on the camping place, which the Airbeat is also know for. For people who like electronic music is this the right place because of the big selection. After all there were 16 acts from the top 100 and 200 artists in total. The selection of food and drinks were also great and you could even shisha near the Eagle stage. There was also no lack of rides. The famous Dom-dancer or the Ferris wheel were there. This brought a new flair to the Airbeat-one.

Thank you Airbeat-one for the amazing Edition Home and for 20 years! Happy Birthday and to many many years! 

Next year the Airbeat takes place from the 10th of July till the  14th of July, the theme is France. 

I‘m excited to see how the Mainstage will look?!

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