They did it again. After 10 days and more than 200 hours the organizers of the world’s longest Hardstyle stream could finally celebrate. There has never been a harder styles stream longer online. What a huge success – what is next?


The stakes from the prior year were pretty high. In 2020 the world record achieved a stream of 7 days and more than 120 DJs. For 2021 this record should be superseded by additional 3 days and nearly the doubled amount of DJs. On August 9th. 30 minutes after midnight the last beat dropped whilst the champagner bottles popped.

245 Harder Styles DJs performed live for more than 10 days, 244.5 hours non-stop during the longest Harder Styles DJ-Marathon Livestream in the world.

World record achieved: The flyer

The clubs and festivals in the Netherlands were allowed to open again after a period of 1.5 years, unfortunately, this was only for a very short period of time. The organizers of festivals, events and DJs have had a challenging time with the closure due to the corona measures. To encourage the DJs and provide entertainment for the nightlife crowd, the title holders (Anthony Donner and Amrish Raghosing) of the longest DJ Marathon for the harder styles (7 days of non-stop running) have broken their own world record. With more than 10 days (244.5 hours in total) non-stop live performances with 245 DJs who come to the studio in DJ School Alphen in in the Netherlands from both the Netherlands and abroad for their participation.


The title holders have now tackled it even bigger, longer and more exuberant! For 10 days they played uninterrupted hardstyle, hardcore, freestyle and everything that fits the spectrum of the harder styles of dance music. From the most euphoric hardstyle tracks and hardstyle classics to the hardest raw hardstyle and fastest up-tempo hardcore tracks. The goal was to make a difference together by bringing a large group of DJs together to form a unit and to show that there is enough togetherness among the Harder Styles DJs. With this initiative, the DJs have shown that the Netherlands is not only the DJ country of the world, but also that the harder dance movements are immensely popular. Hardcore has so far been the largest sub-movement and originated in the Netherlands and the Dutch have made hardstyle great internationally.

World record achieved: Bon Appetit


The initiators are Anthony Donner, former editor-in-chief of DJ Mag NL and Amrish Raghosing, who is also a DJ under the name Dutch Hustlaz, and owner of DJ School Alphen. In addition, Anthony has published the largest DJ and dance book in the world: ‘Dutch DJs’ and he is working on the first book about hardstyle ‘This Is Hardstyle’. Together they will soon launch the first DJ award for Dutch DJs, the Dutch Priority Awards. Jelmer Smit (also a DJ student at DJ school Alphen) is responsible for, among other things, the planning and various hosting from organizations and music labels. They made this a groundbreaking spectacle with the help of Wouter Kikstra from Wout Events, he was responsible for the camera registration and production. The production was filmed with 11 cameras in total. This 10-day spectacle is held in the most talked-about DJ School in the Netherlands; DJ School Alphen.


When the corona crisis broke out, Anthony and Amrish were the first party in the Netherlands to organize the largest DJ marathons in the world a total of 4 times. In total 669 DJs participated: The longest 10-day DJ marathon with 201 DJs in different genres, the longest 7-day Harder Styles DJ marathon with 203 DJs, the longest 7-day Female DJ marathon with 137 DJ’ anes (term for female DJs) and the Techno/Techhouse DJ marathon with 128 DJs. With this they had already broken a total of 7 different world records. The DJs had played non-stop for 31 days (744 hours) in these 4 previous DJ marathons.

World record achieved: Ran D in Action


The go-ahead of the 10-day Harder Styles DJ Marathon was released on Thursday, July 29 at 8 p.m. DJ/Producer Frontliner was the first to kick off the DJ marathon, Adaro, Digital Punk, Crypsis, The Pitcher, Geck-O and Jason Payne then took over with MC Da Syndrome behind the microphone. The Harder Styles DJ Marathon ended on August 9 after midnight. The marathon was completed by Trasher, Akira and Akira’s 16-year-old son Bruce. The world’s longest Harder Styles DJ marathon has lasted longer than 10 days, 244.5 hours of music was played day and night 24/7 by DJs from Dutch and foreign soil. From the biggest DJs from the Harder Styles scene to upcoming talent from young to old. The event was recorded by film cameras, interested parties from all over the world watched live online via and via Dutch TV on Ziggo via channel 605, Roku, Amazon Firestick.

World record achieved: The creative heads behind

The following DJs played during the Harder Styles DJ Marathon: Frontliner, Ran-D, Adaro, Villain, Digital Punk, Crypsis, The Pitcher, MC Da Syndrome, Dr. Rude, The Darkraver, Deepack, Freestyle Maniacs, Pavo, Kronos, Sub Sonik, Re-Style, Bulletproof, Akira, Trasher, Ruthless, Crypton, Serra, Hard Effectz, Retaliation, Imperatorz, The Russian, Level One and more than 215 other Harder Styles DJs.


Wow, this is really stunning. 10 days power of will – we really pay our highest respect to the whole team. Guys we cant wait for 2022 to see whats coming next! This is some good news – which the world of the harderstylez really needs.

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