Tomorrow its time for the first Defqon.1 after 2 years of absence – and to celebrate the first 4 days Defqon.1 edition. The motto is louder – bigger – better – more. Lets have a fast close on what is expecting us starting from Thursday and enduring till Sunday evening.


After two years of Defqon.1 @ Home it’s definitely time for a Defqon.1 in reality. After the COVID pandemic the thirst is huge – and event organizers Q-dance took this call serious. With the biggest lineup in history, all visitors are invited for a full 4 days Defqon.1 expierence. Beside the biggest lineup, the list of showcases and specials are even longer – and therefore inviting us for the biggest hardstyle madness in history.

Lets have a quick check, what 14 Stages and over 300 acts will bring.


For all early entries and campers the madness starts already early. Together with Adaro | AVI8 | Cryex | D-Block & S-Te-Fan | D-Sturb | Da Mouth of Madness | Da Tweekaz | Deadly Gunz | Hollow Point | Imperatorz | Invector | Jones | Lost Identity | Magnuz | Miss K8 | Nosferatu | Partyraiser | Peacock in Concert | Phyisika | Plug n Play | Scabtik | Sickddellz | Wildstylez | Zatox | Villain. Thus the Blue and the Black Stage will be there for you


Already the Friday gives full speed. The Black Stage invites N-Vitral to the Spotlight. Prepare for some serious hardcore kicks and high BPM Sounds. Furthermore, you can expect Andy the Core | Bulletproof | Destructive Tendencies | Dither | DRS – Live | Gridkiller | Never Surrender | Re-Style | Restrained presents Rulebreaking Hardcore | Unifire. Accompanied by Tha Watcher.

The early Hardcore lovers get served at the Gold Stage with Amnesys | J.D.A | Speedy Bass | Mad Dog | Nosferatu | Promo | The Viper | Weapon X. Host is MC Ruffian.

Countdown to Defqon.1 2022: The Blue Stage from inside

The rawstyle hood – Blue Stage – invites you to Bloodlust | Cryex | Imperatorz | Killshot | Kronos | Malice | Ode to Delete | Physika | Riot Shift presents Dystopia – Live | Unresolved | Vertile | Voidax. The stage is hosted by MC LIVID.

From Hardcore to Hardstyle. The UV Stage is offering a nice ride through the styles with Andy SVGE | Audiotricz – Live | Darren Styles | Ecstatic | Frontliner – Live | Geck-O | GPF pres. THEPIEPSHOW.2022.WEBRIP.YIFY.X69.AC3-EVO | Jay Reeve: The Amazing Feeling of Freedom – Live | Lady Faith | Noize Suppressor presents Sonar | Phuture Noize presents Statues | Sephyix – Live. Guided by MC DL.

Uptempo lovers will be guided to the yellow stage. Here the BPMs will never be under 200. Here we meet Basspunkz | Dissoactive | Hard Effects | Juliex | Major Conspiracy | MBK | MR. Ivex | NStinct | Trespassed | Unproven | Vertex – and MC Robs.

Countdown to Defqon.1 2022: Power Hour at the Red Stage

For all Raw and Hardstyle classic lovers – MC Da Syndrom invites to the Magenta Stage. Here we gonna meet Alpha Twins | Crypsis | Deetox | DJ Thera | Donkey Rollers | Haze & Abyss | Jack of Sound | Jajox | Lip DJ | Main Concern | Tartaros.

The next generation of Hardstyle artists will perform at the Indigo stage. Kick off will be done by The Saints directly at 11:00 am. Then its time for Ressurectz | Enemy Contact | Scarra & Vasto present Bassline Breaker | Artifact | Element | Spitfire | Kruelty | Vyral | The Straikerz. Host of this stage is MC Focus.

Countdown to Defqon.1 2022: The Magenta back in 2019


Of course the Saturday is the main day – here finally all stages are fully in operation and with this the beloved Red Stage. Yes, the official design has already been leaked on the socials – but we wont post it here. We hope that some of you still haven’t seen it.

Already announced on the socials – The Power Hours Musical. Maybe we witnessed the maybe funniest Power Hour movie ever. A symphonie of madness through all musical styles. Deep Pack and Villain published the movie on April 9th. on all socials and it was a hell of a ride.

For this year the Power Hour will finally take place again in reality – and we are sure that this time will be even more epic than ever. And of curse, as the Saturday is the main day – the Lineup of the Saturday is putting all other days into a shaddow cause its really huge and long.

Countdown to Defqon.1 2022: Full Lineup on Saturday

And yes, so many Artists and so many stages – there will definetely be conflicts of Artists we want to see – so its wise to create a private timetable. Only by doing this, you can be sure that you wont miss your favourite DJs. Another strategy could be – just to follow the wave and see where it leads you to.


Ever since – the Sunday is the memorial day for the closing and the Defqon.1 Legends at the Red Stage. At 20:00 the Red Stage opens with this epic show, introducing the closing of Defqon.1 . Before the closing ritual takes place, its D-Block & S-Te-Fan’s Ghost Stories to prepare us for the closing show at 23:00. This of course – will be supported by MC Villain.

Countdown to Defqon.1 2022: Legendary the closing ceremony.

For all Rawstyle lovers the Blue Stage already invites our at 12:00 AM with Luna. With Legends like Digital Punk, the B2B between Crypsis and Regain will become epic. Also the special show by Main Concern ” A lesson in weird” sounds more than interesting.

Frenchcore lovers are told to attend the Black tent at 17:30 to witness the Frenchcore Familia till 18:30. Before this set you have the chance to see Angerfist together with Deadly Guns.


For all those who cant come to Defqon.1, Q-dance continues with its stream concept. Therefore the full 4 days will get broadcasted digitally. For this purpose all streamers can choose between two options. First is a pay-per-view ticket for EUR 19,99 where all 4 days are viewable. Others can join via their Dediqated Membership. Which is obtainable for monthly EUR 4,99 or EUR 49,99 per year.

Countdown to Defqon.1 2022: Power Hour the movie on Youtube


Although the thirst for the first Defqon.1 since 2019 is big, there are still some tickets left. For the Friday you still can buy regular or Premium Friday tickets. Also Premium Sunday and Weekend Tickets are also still available. Just visit the official website of Q-dance here.

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