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DEDICATED Outdoor on the loose

This year’s edition of Dedicated Outdoor took place on 11th of July, at Cattenbroekerplas in Woerden, with two areas – Raw and Freestyle was the sound of the day.

We left around 12:30 pm from Zoetermeer towards Woerden. In Woerden we simply bought a shuttle bus ticket for 5 euros to get to the festival. After a 5 minutes drive from the station of Woerden the bus brought us to our destination, DEDICATED Outdoor!

At 13:30 we entered the festival ground. It was a small area with an outdoor main stage and a small tent for the freestyle sounds. The stage consisted of some boxes and behind the decks there was a large base of a tree. Shelves were simply attached to one, another with the beautiful Dedicated logo. Nothing special but we were there for the music, right?

© Photography: / Maurice Vinken

© Photography: / Maurice Vinken

It was quite hot and sunshine was our constant companion. The organization had already taken this into account by making some covered chill spots, well done! After a short walk across the area we were ready to party on this beautiful summer day, time for Josh & Wesz. These guys played some great tracks like: Release, Santiago, Rock civilization. At the end of the set they finally made the music louder! It was time for my man; Frontliner!

Frontliner played many great tracks, but not a standard set at all! Some critics blame him for playing the same set over and over. But this time, it was different. Frontliner was literally ready to rock our socks. Funny fact, Frontliner was actually playing his set in his socks, showing them to the crowd. A funny moment, really love this guy!

He played a lot of different tracks than usual. I loved it when he played HatsuneMiku – Senbonzakura (Frontliner Remix) – perfect song for the summer with the sun teasing your face! Of course he also slammed tracks like Symbols and Halos through the speakers.

After Frontliner we went to the Freestyle stage. The climate in the tent was more pleasant than outside, a good job again by XSense, the organizer behind Dedicated Outdoor. Playboyz turned up a nice set. Freestyle alternated with RAW. So, there were tracks like Discotek, Collateral Damage, FIFO, Natural Born Raver, Wake Up and Bolivia that crossed your senses.

Only one bad thing about the freestyle stage was that, once the music was a bit quieter you could hear the music coming from the main stage. After we heard the announcement of Frequencerz we went back to the main stage again for Frequencerz LIVE!

I really love Frequencerz, I’m a real B-Freqz (B-front & Frequencerz) fan! So, I definitely didn’t want to miss it! These two smashed and slammed behind the decks while playing Men of Steel, Fatality and Psycho. Well, I did want to let everyone know I am a motherf#cking psycho! And I was not alone, Frequencerz took over the crowd.

After Frequencerz it was time for DJ Thera. I have never attended a set of DJ Thera, I’m ashamed. This time I could finally catch up at a set by DJ Thera. I am a real fan of the brutal violence of Theracords and I was certainly impressed by DJ Thera. He slams, jumps, rams, and bounces behind his decks. If anyone loves his music, it’s definitely him. Really awesome to see him live!

Thera leaving the stage – he must be exhausted by, I guess. Time to unleash hell on earth. Time for Digital Punk! Opening with Paranoid by Ran-D and Sparta (Endymion Remix) we all were prepared for glory, AHOE! Great opening of the set by Digital Punk. After he played Down Low 2015 by Deepack we chose to take a look at the Freestyle stage for half an hour Ruthless.

Ruthless played some old school tracks like Base Alert – Zoo and Don’t touch the stereo. It was getting hotter inside since the tent god crowed. We decided to hit the mainstage again for Titan!

Titan started his set with Psycho into Godcore. Directly hitting the bass at his peak! Euphoria, Braincracking and My Angel were some following tracks by this, literally, big boy.
It was getting darker. The boxes on the stage were lit from within. This resulted in a nice effect and in the background the beautiful lake.

Titan was pounding your senses with some big tracks by Warface like the Warface Mashup 2.0 and Extinction, one of my favourite tracks of 2015. His set was hard and rough, just how most people like it! Closing his set with Fuck You by Art of Fighters and Flip Uhm op Z’n Kantje with DV8 LIVE!, it was amazing!

After Titan, another big boy hit the stage! Radical Redemption! Radical however never disappoints me. He started his set something soft. This was not fitting after the musical violence by Titan. He played tracks like Funfair of Madness and Cracking your ribs, nothing special. Finally, after 20 minutes into his set he became louder and rougher!

Brutal 5.0 blasting to the speakers, bashing your last bit of energy out of your body. The sun was setting and Radical ended his set with, among others, piece of shit and pain till I die. End of a great day at DEDICATED Outdoor. We took the bus back from the grounds and arrived on time for our train.

© Photography: / Maurice Vinken

© Photography: / Maurice Vinken


The stage was not spectacular. But of course it was all about the music at this small event. The music quality was good at both stages. It was not too hard, not too soft. The quality of the bass was good. As I already mentioned, you could sometimes hear the sound of the mainstage in the small Freestyle tent.

Festival grounds

The festival ground was beautifully located at a large lake. With this weather it was a fantastic day for a festival. The only drawback was the presence of sand everywhere. I found it no problem, but for the disabled among us it’s less enjoyable. However, there were plates laid on the ground in the middle of the stage. The terrain was hard to dance on, and after a few hours you were surely a bit tired and you had to rest a little while. But to sum it, a great location, with both positive and negative aspects.

Food, Drinks and Tokens

It surprised me when entering, the price of many products was much lower than at other festivals. A good thing though! 1 token was 2,50 euro. And for 1 token you could buy a beer, soda and such things. The assortment was diverse. So, there was Amstel Radler Beer, cost 1.5 tokens, Red Bull 2 tokens, and of course water for 2 tokens. At the toilets you could easily fill your water for free.

The toilets were clean and there was no waiting line. The food was also very low priced. For 1.5 token you had all kinds of sandwiches. 2 tokens, you get a burger and a XXL burger for 3 coins. We opted for a healthy sandwich and a bratwurst on the grill. Cost only 1.5 tokens for the sandwich and 2 tokens for a bratwurst with bread. A good meal for 8.75 euro. Good job!

A great line up and a small event that is organized very well. Everything went smoothly! Want to grab a smaller festival with big names? Put Dedicated Outdoor on your list next year! 28th of November XSENSE will host a DEDICATED Indoor Raw Event in Bunnik (Near Utrecht). Hope to see you there!

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