Adapt and join or fucking die!

He’s about to take back the lead within the hard dance scene, ready to conquer and willed to bring down all those motherfuckers who stand in his way. Just two days ago Digital Punk posted the anouncement trailer for his upcoming album Adapt or Die and today we can proudly reveal the first details! We instantly caught up with this bad boy and asked him all about the album and upcoming plans, as well as about his new act with Hard Driver – Public Enemies!

Hey Digital Punk, we hope you are feeling fantastic! Let me ask you, how had been your recent weeks? Which was the most remarkable event you played at?
Hi! My last few months were pretty hectic. I finished my new album ‘Adapt or Die’ and also started a new live act ‘Public Enemies’ with Hard Driver. Besides I did a lot of awesome gigs. Defqon.1 was crazy. Last weekend I played at Laundry day and the crowd went nuts! Walls of Death, pits, jumping left to right, that was insane!

Let’s hop straight to the most interesting questions: Now that your album Adapt or Die has been announced – how do you feel?
Awesome! I can relax a bit after these intense last weeks of creating the album. I’m so proud of the result. I can’t wait for it to hit the stores!


Your album is one among, I guess, 10 others this year? Thinking back, when did you decide to start working on an album? Did you feel forced to do an album as well, because so many other hardstyle artists released one?
Not at all. I didn’t plan to do an album, but I produced so many new tracks this year that at one point we decided to do an album because there was so much music ready to hit the dancefloors. For me this was the best way to start an album, because the album was already taking form before I even started the album, haha!

Let me ask you, how many tracks will it contain? Will it tell a story throughout all tracks – take Warface’s Nine Circles album f.e.? When will it be release? Can you just tell us the basics about the album we listeners are all interested in?
The album contains 23 tracks and an intro. There is not really a story behind the tracks, but there is a build-up from beginning to the end. It will be released the beginning of October. The album contains solo tracks, remixes and Public Enemies tracks. Like I said before, I’m super happy with the result and I can’t wait to share it with all the fans and listeners around the globe!

How many collaborations did you plan for the album or how many will it contain? Can you already pass a few names who will definitely be featured on your album?
I don’t want to give away all the names, but Sub Sonik, Radical Redemption and Endymion are on there.

Did you think of the new generation of artist while working on the album? We hope some great talents got a spot on it. Can you maybe name some? What made you choose specifically these youngsters?
Yes! Clockartz did a remix of ‘The Last Remaining Light’ and Sub Zero Project did a remix of ‘Invasion’.

Why did you choose the name Adapt or Die? Is there more coming regarding this theme? Like Merchandise, a release party, E.Ps, … ?
The slogan of the album tells the story behind the name of the album: ‘Adapt and Join, or F#CKING DIE’!


Can you describe the feeling the listener shall get, while listening to your album? Did you tried to create a darker atmosphere like the name Adapt or Die would suggest?
The fans will definitely get what they want. It contains a blend of styles. The title is more about the message. When you listen to the title track ‘Adapt or Die’ you will get the idea.

You recently launched a new project, or well a new act called Public Enemies with Hard Driver! How come this combination, since we never heard a collaboration of you two, except for Crash N Burn? What can we expect from this new act and especially what can we expect at Q-BASE 2016 with your first performance?
We have known each other for a long time and we were both interested in doing something else besides our solo projects. A fresh input with a blend of both styles and sounds. When we started the project the ideas that we had were so alike that it felt like we already did this for years and we have a lot of fun in the studio making tracks for this project.

We have created 11 tracks for the live act of which 5 are already previewed in the Unleashed Podcast in the last 3 months. Q-BASE 2016 will be our first performance, but we already have a few gigs planned in Australia and the Netherlands too. It’s going to be f#cking epic, so join us and become an enemy of the state!


We know you take the community serious! I think there is not a single artist who does so much with his fans – ranging from give-aways, exclusive BBQs or breakfasts, backstage tours, a ride in your sick car, even an awesome garden party! What makes you think, it’s important to do this with your fans? Can you give a hint of what’s coming next, you’d love to do with a few of your fans?
I think its very important to be close with my fans. I really enjoy doing these crazy things and the fans love it.
There are a few surprises planned and one of them has something to do with the album release, so keep an eye out on my social media!

Let’s head over to some personal questions. How do you handle the DJ’s life, the producer’s life and your personal life? I think it can be extremely stressing! So, how does a normal week for you look like?
Well, Mondays I’m having a day off with my wife. Tuesday ‘till Friday are studio days and of course in the weekend I perform. When I have some time off I spend time with my wife and dogs or go out with my friends. I also like to game a lot on my PS4. There are weeks that you only work without any spare time, like I had for the last 3 months with the album, gigs and Public Enemies. But I like to work so I don’t mind! I F#CKING LOVE MY JOB!

I recently read an article about the bad sides of being a full-time producer and DJ. The risks of less sleep, taking drugs to feel better, let others produce for you, while you’re performing and especially the lack of personal freedom and the time for yourself! Can you, somehow, relate to that? How do you handle the pressure of delivering a good set, producing sick music and being present for your fans?
Sometimes I feel really stressed by the schedule and deadlines, but I have such a good team of management behind me. Without it, I couldn’t do this at this level. The pressure is something I can handle very well. Its all about knowing when to take it easy when you can, you got to plan time for yourself to relax when you can.


Where did you get your remarkable hair cut made?
In a barber shop in Papendrecht where I live, called Gockies. There are fans coming there on a daily basis to get my haircut, haha!

If you could choose one super power, which would it be and why?
The ability to heal all wounds in seconds like wolverine. Than you don’t have to worry about anything I guess 🙂

Digital Punk, l we’d love to thank you for this great interview! Any last words for your fans? Your family? Your dog or cat? To anyone and anything else in this world
To my fans. Thanks for your ongoing support!
To my dogs. Don’t shit in the house while I’m doing this interview!

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