A continuous live stream session with 203 DJ’s comprising the biggest names of the scene but also the stars of tomorrow. A complete week with 24 hours non-stop hardstyle brought the world record. This statement shall emphasize the extent of how strong the Hardstylescene really is, and that music can overcome everything. But the efforts where huge and definitely worth to be pointed out:

24 hours – 7 days with no break

Amongst a vast number of online streams currently available on social media, showing Artists mixing live – a world record attempt of the longest continuous hardstyle live stream was really outstanding. And this attempt was really ambitious. A 24 hours harder styles live stream covering non-stop a complete week comprising the scene’s biggest names but also the stars of tomorrow.

203 DJs

Besides the impressive duration of the scheduled stream, the list of participants seemed to be even more impressive. Whilst Ruthless had the honor for the kick off, the big wave followed. Bass ModulatorsSub Sonik, Symphonicz (live act with piano & DJ together by Hardstyle Pianist and DJ Helix), Pavo, Luna, The Pitcher, Deepack, Geck-o, Freestyle Maniacs, DR. Rude, Darkraver, Outsiders, Ruffian, from Scantraxx o.a. Scabtik, Envine, Revalators, EmbraiseD-Attack and Malua.

Crypsis live at the turntables

Malua had a live (Beat the Beats) fitness workout the first half-hour of her set with a personal trainer who did all the exercises in front of the camera while giving the instructions in English like a group training, Jason Payne, Retaliation, Chain Reaction & Crypsis (from Minus is More), Crypton, Digital Punk, Malice, Sins of Insanity, Sprinky, Sixdayz (new RAW act with a mask from an existing artist), and Revive.

7 Rough Recruits acts (talents from Roughstate): Legion, Voidax, Uncaged, Radianze, Delius, Rude Convict and Hyjacked and a special closing by Re-Style.

So in total 203 DJs performed during this marathon.

10 Stage hostings

The idea of the harder styles marathon found many supporters – thus there we unbelievable 10 stage hostings during the 7 days. In order of appearance

  1. Pryze hosting
  2. Ravecave hosting
  3. Dedicated to Hardstyle #ForgottenTracksFriday hosting
  4. Beat the Beats hosting with special acts and custom Airmax with the winners name as giveaway
  5. Triplex hosting 
  6. HardClassics, Reminder and Freestyle (Freestyle Maniacs and friends) hostings by Free2Party. Hardstyle Pianist his live act Symphonicz opened the hostings before the first HardClassics set.
  7. Trilok hosting
  8. Oblivion hosting
  9. Malua Monday: DJane Division hosting including the Beat the Beats live workout as opening.
  10. Dedicated to Hardstyle & True Survivorz #TrueSurvivorzTuesday hosting – including a playlist-based set by Beuk in je kanus consisting suggested tracks from the Dedicated to Hardstyle community
  11. Serra invites hosting and Harder kan toch niet hosting by Serra’s harder styles events.
  12. Party-vervoer.nl on the road hosting
  13. Rising stars (Rough Recruits) hosting 

World Record: Live at the turntables Malua

168 hours – over 6000 played tracks

Of course, a session of over 168 hours or 10.800 minutes would also mean a lot of tracks. In the end we count more than 6000 played tracks, edits and mashups. Would be an insane playlist – wouldn’t it?

21 May 2020 at 20:18 CET – WORLD RECORD

On May 21st. 2020 after 168 hours and 203 artists the goal was finally achieved!! Although the stream had already been the longest after 3 days, the organizers pursued their goal of 7 days – to set the bar quite high for a new attempt. Re-Style started to play ‘Forever Young’ and the crew started to pop the confetti guns – and Anthony gave a short speech. Then Re-Style continued his set until 20:15. Congratulations

Checkout the closing set by Re-Style on Youtube

He had the honor of the closing set: Re-Style

Check out the Playlists

Luckily the organizers have put two playlists already online

  1. Dedicated to forgotten Hardstyle
  2. Dedicated to TrueSurvivorz

Credits: Pictures and video material used throughout the article by Barry Jonas

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