With a night full of memories and joy – Reverze 2021 set a big exclamation mark. With over 20.000 visitors and a strong lineup, the scene celebrated finally again in harmony and peace. But has the warrior really been woken? Read now the full review of this night and why it’s worth looking forward to Reverze 2022.

Marvin / Rene

On the weekend of September 18th2021 after a long year break due to COVID we finally got our highly anticipated edition of REVERZE. Over 20.000 visitors from all over Europe attended the event and celebrated till 7 am in the morning.


All attendees had to bring their ID and proved that they were either vaccinated via a digital verification or fully recovered from a COVID infection. Luckily the entrance was well organized and the friendly staff accordingly briefed. Consequently, the process was calm and fluid – nobody had to wait longer than 20 minutes. The verification via the mobile COV app on our mobile phone was quick but consequently conducted. Good Job Bass Event – this gave us a good and safe feeling.

This was Reverze 2021: The Warrior awakes


Under the given COVID measures – Bass Events tried very hard to present us an unforgettable event, we so dearly missed. The Event started timely and the need for an event by the people was obvious. The hall filled quicker than usual. Finally, inside we felt like in a very loud, warm and safe heaven untouched by the devastating events of the past year.

In the surrounding, we felt pretty quickly home. Lockers, a variety of delicacies and drinks, merchandise stands as well as enough clean toilets were scattered around the outer ring. The toilets were throughout the night remarkable clean compared to other events.


Like we are used to, the main area was basically for the Hardstyle and Raw Hardstyle acts – closed down by Hardcore or Frenchcore at the very end. The Area Two “Lotto Area” is usually already harder from the beginning providing more Raw-Hardstyle and Hardcore and Uptempo with N-Vitral and Partyraiser in the third quarter of the night. When entering the main hall we quickly noticed that huge LED wall forming the main stage.

This was Reverze 2021: Main Stage view

In a never-seen sharp resolution, high-class animations flashed over that wall during the whole night accompanying the music in a perfect way. Contrary to the prior years – no bigger ornaments were attached to the ceiling (In 2020 we witnessed that impressive rings) – but traverses with LED screens attached. Thus the focus was clearly set on the main stage. The light show was again top notch and showed what’s the current state of the art. Fireworks, countless lasers, moving heads were again aligned with the DJ like a perfect orchestra.

Lotto Arena

The Lotto Arena was a combination of lights forming kind a dome over the DJ Booth. But also here, the lights, lasers, and special effects were also huge but more aligned to the rather rougher beats.

This was Reverze 2021: Second Area

The smallest one in the was again the chillout area – and here they played all kind of electronical styles. When we went to get some food we heard a very cool happy hardcore set, and later that night some jump/tekkstyle , which we haven’t heard in years at a live event.

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This was Reverze 2021: Lineup Main Area


Whenever there are two areas with a strong lineup – it’s always hard to catch up with all set but managed to see a lot of the event but sadly as it is we couldn’t be at 2 places at the same time.

As usual, we had to attend the kick-off set – which had become a team ritual. We entered the Sportpaleis to see Primeshock back in Action and they really build up the momentum that swung with us all the whole night, their euphoric set really made us realize what we had lost.

We got shivers when the crowd sang to ‘Imaginary’ , we were left in tears because we missed our community, the feeling, the sounds.

This was Reverze 2021: Stunning Visuals on the Main

A big surprise delivered Sound Rush – harder than expected they pushed the crow forward. Already the second track “Never Going Home” was a complete new track and seemed to be a collab. All who attended their prior “The Great Escape” video editions, noted their anthem “The Great Escape” during the set. Beside own creations, they also played a lot of remixes like “Gimme Love” from Noisecontrollers.

Then the time for the anthem creator came. A digital cage appeared on the LED Screen and slowly opened up. Refuzion kicked his set off with “Wake of the Warrior” and the crowd went completely nuts. The ornaments from the ceiling moved down with a huge firework on them and set the whole hall under fire. Nearly everybody seemed to sing along. A moment of Goosebumps was when Refuzion played “Without You” a song he dedicated a song to his dad who died.  The whole hall felt with him – everyone was connected at that moment.

This was Reverze 2021: The Crowd on fire

At 1:00 AM it was time for Da-Tweekaz who started with their “Firestarter” and directly broad their wild party mood to the crowd. I can’t count the “Heeey Hoooos” I heard over this night – everyone was just in a full party action. Their Anthem of 2018 “The Essence of Eternity” will always be a special track – cause every time this puts a special charm over the crowd – as it did this time again. Whenever Da-DTweekaz is there – then it’s just getting nuts and have fun.


The “Halo” intro came and with this Sub Zero Project. The untamable sound could be noticed directly from the first beat. Especially now – we all noticed that the party mood was at a perfect level – the complete all seemed to move as one. A strong moment was when “The Silenfce of my Sins” got played in a special kick edit – wow the complete atmosphere got filled with bass. Love it! Tracks like “Psychopath”, “Our Church” matched perfectly to the set.

This was Reverze 2021: Sub Zero Project on Stage

Time to get harder with Ran-D. And the master started with “We are the storm” a track where nearly everybody sang along with. But who thought I couldn’t get any more intense was false – “Living for the Moment 2020 Remix” was the perfect track to put the intensity even higher. Who doesn’t know the original but this version is just again for the books. He closed his tracks with Gunz For Hire tracks – Seek& Destroy or “Ongedierte van de Nacht” made a glorious and fulminant closing.

But no time to rest – time for Rejecta and his track “Hold On” in a special 2021 version. Actually, I was trying to find rest but no chance. Beats per Beats and tracks like “Partystarter” made it impossible to break. Especially when he played his “Wanna Stay” I said to myself – yes I want to stay – forever!

This was Reverze 2021: Date for Reverze 2022

Okay we are not finished yet – time to call the Doctor. Frenchcore a la Dr. Peacock sil vous plait! And the Doctor directly made clear, that he didn’t come to let things done by halves. The lasers and light show supported a 200 BPM session on a different level – Especially during “Everything is a lie” it felt like dancing in a supernova. Strobes, lasers fire in interchanging with every single beat was just above all.


Wow – what a night. It might be the magic mixture of attending an event after such a long break, the energetic sets provided by DJs after a long period of third, and the marvelous visual show – but this night was for the books. Everyone on the dancefloor was on fire from the very beginning till the very last beat dropped. Every artist seemed to be motivated to the max – and the magic voice of MC Villain brought us down memory lane. Thank you Reverze – our inner Hardstyle Warrior has been woken. See you on March 12th. 2022

92%Overall Score
Visuals & Stage Design91%
Sound System92%
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