The German Raw-Hardstyle label Massive-Dynamic Records announced its first album. Comprising only tracks of its Artists – 8 tracks shall highlight the label’s future development. We took a close look.

Actually whenever we speak of a Hardstyle music label then we usually mean Dutch ones. Labels like Scantraxx, Rough State, or even Dirty Workz are the ones known best. But since its launch in 2018, a small German music label has found its spot somehow.

Acts like Jason Payne or Typhoon or Sins of Insanity have already released here. But mostly the label has always put a focus on younger talents that were seeking a home to show their music. Therefore the label describes itself on Instagram as follows:

Massive-Dynamic Records is a German music label giving passionate artists a home to Xpress their love to the music.

Massive Dynamic Records presents album: Artworks case


Now after 5 years in business, the label announced its first album, called ‘Echoes of the Future’. Only comprising tracks from its resident producers, 8 tracks made it to the final album. We were granted a first look and we share our thoughts with you here now.


The title track is a collab between the Swiss Producer Tigaiko, the German raw artist Storah and again the Swiss Producer ‘Raveision’. The track starts with a small epic intro. The voice by Maren assigns the track a dark but futuristic atmosphere. The punchy kick drives the track to a powerful titel track.


Surprisingly the softer and more melodic tracks are coming from Radera (Sweden) and Tigaiko (Switzerland) and Raveision (Switzerland). Whilst Radera’s track ‘Fade Away’ awaits the listener with a poppy Hardstyle sound and a robotic voice and a shreddered kick – Tigaiko’s ‘Message to Humanity’ & Raveision’s ‘System Overload’ convince with strong melodies and heights that are clearly bordering the Rawphoric area.

Massive Dynamic Records presents album: Official Album Artwork


Track No. 2 is Minoz – ‘Stars dont Matter’ which is a clear Hardstyle banger. Strong leads combined with a matching voice and a strong climax, is definitely a match for every outdoor festival.


Rougher sounds are delivered by Tiberias. His track bridges the Raw to the Hardstyle world. His track ‘Matrix’ convinces with a nice voice intro and a strong build-up. The incoming kick is supported by trance sounds. Real Raw is provided by the superior Storah. His track ‘Space Invader’ is a bold and heavy x raw track. Kicks, short breaks, and a superior drop combined with even heavy kicks are serving the needs of all raw heads.


The newest MDR act Terminal describes himself as the power from the underground and therefore appears more in the shape of a masked hacker. The track ‘Devastate’ kicks us back to the 90’s with an atmospheric intro. The 90’s computer voice with early sounds match the powerful techno kick part perfectly – before the kicks alter again more into the modern raw sounds.


The label is a division of the German event promoter Massive-Dynamic-Events. It is known for its events like “The Raw District”, “Bassline” or the club series “HardstyleMania”. According to its founders, the label was founded as they wanted to give passionate Artists a chance to prove themselves.

Massive Dynamic Records presents album: Official logo of Massive-Dynamic Records

“we received more and more demos from musicians that were seriously good but couldn’t find a home to release their music. This was a circumstance we wanted to change. So we did. But it has always been key to us, that we would never dictate the style that is being released – cause we felt this would hinder an artist to express his music and way of creating music”.


The label itself describes its principles as a label that supports but does not dictate. Actually, this is credible. The album itself does not have a single print like most labels try to create – no this album is a result of pure creativity and diversity. From Hardstyle to real techno hardstyle sounds – listeners can hear what the world of music offers us to discover.

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