Sylence & Cyber - Each Other

Both Sylence and Cyber are pure euphoric heroes. Put both of them into one studio and they get the best from Each Other … Nah, not the best pun but this track is using one of my favorite leads and a philosophical message, which is just so deep. The main part is pretty straight forward but exactly what I wanted from these guys. You should keep an eye on both Sylence & Cyber. If you like this track, they have plenty more to follow.

Adrenalize - Find You (Feat. Jannika)

Finally another track by Adrenalize with dedicated vocals. Find You scores with classic EDM elements. The softer kick while Jannika is singing gives this track enough dynamic to stand out. Overall the vocals are well implemented and a few background chords fill up the spaces, making this track to one of my recent favorites.

Festuca - Pressure Waves

Pressure Waves is not really a hidden gem. Still, I think more euphoric fans should check it out. A clean cut, sweep ups and a plug lead. I can’t get enough of the sound of Festuca!

Demi Kanon - Supersonic

A new youngster and latest addition to the LCM line-up. He is kickstarting his career with this track and many upcoming events. You can read more about Demi Kanon in our interview with him. Keep an eye on him if you enjoy euphoric hardstyle.

AVIO - Data Fragments

AVIO is back. And not only is this album a great compilation of styles and hardstyle, it’s also free. You can get it by clicking on the “Free Download”, no e-Mail or silly registration needed. From classic hardstyle to harddrop and even a tiny fragment of subground. I must admin that I am quite curious about what AVIO will bring us next, because this album really convinced me.

Especially Ecstatic is showing hardstyle from his best side. Some crossover tracks by Alphaverb & Intractable One are rounding this 10 track album up. Get it now!

Brennan Heart & Toneshifterz & DV8 Rocks! - My Identity

Okay, stay with me on this one. Brennan Heart, already a god of euphoric, with Toneshifterz, another one, and awesome vocals by DV8 Rocks. This track is not unjustly played all the times.

Two artists who really know how to work with vocals in euphoric hardstyle. Combine this with a Toneshifterz kick and a compulsive sound and you are done, the next great hit. Hope to hear this one on many festivals this year!

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