The year 2021 is still young, but several festivals for 2021 got already postponed to 2021. Due to the rising number of vaccinated persons and thanks to new rapid self-tests, some event organizers dare to stick to their 2020 plans. The organizers of “Airbeat One” in Neustadt-Glewe, however, remain optimistic that their festival can take place in early July.


We all have already seen that Rebirth Festival, Defqon.1 or Intents Festival have been postponed to 2021. For Hardstyle fans, the list of a great festival summer is already shortening. But surprisingly the event organizers of North-Germany’s biggest electronic music festival “Airbeat One” surprised all with great news.

Airbeat One – 2016 Q-dance Stage

The festival took place in 2007 for the very first time. Since then it has rapidly grown to one of the leading electronic music festivals in Germany. In 2019 the organization announced 65.000 visitors for the whole weekend. To its anniversary in 2016 Q-dance announced an own Q-dance Stage. To consider the huge amount of attending Hardstylers. The date for 2021 is July from 7th. to 11th.

Airbeat One – Sticks to 2021 plan: Q-dance Stage 2018

The state helps

In Neustadt-Glewe (district of Ludwigslust-Parchim), however, northern Germany’s largest festival for electronic music is scheduled to take place from July 7 to 11. Given the new push in Corona vaccinations, about 70 percent of the population in Germany could be vaccinated by the end of May, according to Sebastian Eggert, the festival’s event manager. In addition the organization can rely on the state’s help. The state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern covers the organizer’s risk by backing them up with a pledge. Consequently, the organizers see no reason to cancel the event yet.

Decision in May

There will be an extensive hygiene and security concept to offer visitors a safe festival, he added. Artists, technicians, caterers and stage crew are ready to get going, even at short notice, as soon as permission is granted, he said.

“We remain optimistic that the tide can still turn and that we can return to some degree of normalcy in Germany this summer,” Eggert said.

All organizers and supporters want to wait until the mid of May, to see how the overall situation devleops.

Airbeat One – Sticks to 2021 plan: Camping side


We only with the Airbeat One organization all the best, and We appreciate the courage shown by the organizers. Let’s hope that the German politicians will give the concept a chance. We keep you posted and keep an eye on the official website of Airbeat One.

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