If you are dissatisfied with a situation, you can either complain about it or change it yourself. In collaboration with the Coffee Club t’ Dorpsterras, B-Front now offers you this change in special events – B-Fronts Coffee Club. A nice beach club atmosphere combined with selected DJs promises a special musical experience, at times when COVID19 everything has fallen silent.


Due to the current restrictions, it is hard for hardstyle lovers to feed their need for Hardstyle music. Events are almost non-existent, and if then under strict conditions. B-Fronts Coffee Club seems to be an interesting change. Instead of the usual club atmosphere, the focus here is on music in a relaxed environment.

Special venue

The location, which was rebuilt for the summer start, should offer a wide range of music in a cozy atmosphere. Besides chairs and tables, there are also beach chairs and piled up beach sand. The guest can comfortably take his drink to his seat and put on the headphones. From then, it’s all about enjoying the show and have a coffee or coke and snacks.


On the specially built stage artists like B-Front, Phuture Noize or Rebelion performed to provide the guests with their music.


Already after the first 2 completely sold out events, the organizers and B-Front quickly realized that this concept was well received by the people. Consequently, the shows got extended to 2 days including extra shows. So the music lovers are not bounded to a single Saturday – no, also the Sunday offers an unusually impressive program. But not only that. The daily shows which start at 11:00 o’clock will be extended on September 5th and 6th with an additional edition starting at 15:00 o’clock.

B-FRONT’s COFFEE CLUB: The complete view

Nice gimmicks

Visitors have the possibility to order a special coffee mug. You can order a Limited Edition B-Front Coffee Mug in advance when making a reservation. This is € 15,- ex fee. Kickstart your morning with B-Front’s Silent Disco Coffee Club! This coffee mug can be picked up upon arrival upon presentation of the correct e-ticket.


The visit is very easy. The entrance usually opens at 11:00 a.m. and the guests are brought to the site in their groups. Wearing a mask is not necessary here. Drinks and food are scanned and ordered directly at the place via QR codes.

B-FRONT’s COFFEE CLUB: Always smiling behind the decks – B-Front


Here we really got a very special event concept. Indeed, once your feet feel the beach sand, you directly get into a very convenient mood. The beach chairs do their rest. The organizational part is also pretty professional. You are guided quickly to your place and the staff is more than politely and serve you your stuff quickly.

But its maybe even more the kind of passion B-Front himself invests into this project. You can initially see and hear that he loves our all Hardstyle music. Each edition so far got rounded up by an impressive lineup. Phuture Noize, Rebelion, Frequencerz are only a few names who performed at B-Fronts Coffee Club so far.

Upcoming editons of B-FRONT’s COFFEE CLUB

Unfortunately, there are currently no new editions planned – but we from HardstyleMag are in contact with the organizers. Once there is something new coming up – we will inform you

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