This year’s edition of Qlimax shares the same fate as all other festivals – it will take place online. Q-dance already promised a new level experience – there will not just another stream – but an audiovisual journey. This is Qlimax The Source. Time for HardstyleMag to give you a brief overview of what we know so far.


What Defqon.1 is for outdoor festivals, this is Qlimax for the indoor season – the mecca for hardstyle fans. Whilst Q-dance already proved themselves that they can deliver a spectacular online show, the expectations for this year’s edition are already extremely high. On November 28th, the curtain of “The Source” will open.

Let’s have a quick check, what has already been announced, what we can expect, and what we need for this night.

The Six Realms

This year’s edition will invite us to an audiovisual online experience that is going to turn our home into a temple of Hardstyle. This will be managed with a full night comprising all signature elements characterizing the world of Hardstyle. A combination with the biggest Hardstyle acts with groundbreaking visuals in 6 unique realms, shall be the key.

The Priests

The whole concept is arranged around these 6 realms: Enter the Realm, A New World, Transcendence, Light of Darkness, The Alignment, The Omega. Each realm is represented by at least one Act, here called Priest.

The Qreator (Enter the Realm)

This creative artist has not unveiled the face behind the mask yet, but for sure this mystic act will add the perfect atmosphere to the realm, he presents.

Qlimax 2020 quick check: Qreator unveiled for Qlimax

Sub Zero Project (Enter the Realm)

Surprisingly Q-Dance announced Sub Zero Project as the first name for the lineup. Of course, for us a good choice, as these guys have shown with the “Rave into Space” act, that they already belong to the Hardstyle elite.

Q-dance describes this realm as a sacred place, both ancient and powerful. We can’t wait to see, what they are going to deliver.

Phuture Noize (A New World)

He is without any doubt one of the shooting stars within the Hardstyle scene. His latest album “Silver Bullet” comprised a bunch of hardstyle bombs. Tracks like “Genisis” or “Silver Bullet” which is also the name of his live act.

As he is the official Priest of the Realm “A New World” Phuture Noize already announced a very special track for this night.

Combined with Q-dance’s realm description with words like “nothing is at it seems” or “a trip into the unknown” we are really getting excited !!

Qlimax 2020 quick check: Phuture Noize at Qlimax 2019

Headhunterz & JDX (Transcendence)

A realm that tells a story of an inner conflict burning inside all of us – but in the end defines who we are. For this realm, Q-dance relies on their most experienced artist “Headhunterz”.

As the official priests, he and JDX are responsible for this realm’s anthem. On November 12th. Headhunterz already posted that this year will become magical.

B-Front (Light of Darkness)

Once a realm is talking about lights, darkness and sounds – there is actually no better Artist as B-Front to become the official priest. His latest track together with Deetox just unveiled where this master is going to develop. Majestic sounds with impressive atmospheric melodies.

Qlimax 2020 quick check: B-Front live at Qlimax 2019

We all remember his fantastic show during “Symphony of Shadows”. Pretty sure, that he will light up the Darkness or even make it darker? Who knows, but we will find out.

KELTEK (The Alignment)

In 2019 this guy finally rose up. He celebrated his debut at the Qlimax 2019 and was responsible for the Defqon.1 2019 anthem and clearly unveiled his sense for the modern type of Hardstyle.

On his socials he already announced that we can expect a great track during his performance.

Qlimax 2020 quick check: Defqon.1 2019 Anthem

SEFA (The Omega)

This Frenchcore superstar is an essential part of every event and of course, he will bring down the show with some heavy Frenchcore beats. As priest of the realm Omega, we will experience a new track. Yes!


For sure, Q-Dance knows how to build up an exciting and mysterious atmosphere around their events. 6 Realms, with 6 Acts with an own special anthem for the specific realm, are already promising facts and maybe this one will be a special VR edition? We are curious what Q-dance is going to deliver, but no doubt that we will be once again surprised and satisfied.


Tickets are still available on the official website Qlimax.

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