The news was spread rapidly on the socials. On Monday evening, the event organizer Q-dance announced, that the upcoming edition of Defqon.1 will take place not earlier than 2022. The organization reasoned this due to the ongoing uncertainty arising from the COVID19 pandemic.


With the ongoing vaccination, the expectations to restart the festival and event scene are growing continuously. As the daily rate of vaccinated people is far beyond expectation. And with this the required immunity rate of 70% is moving away and away, people were only waiting for upcoming festivals to be postponed. But the latest news has hit the world of hardstyle hard. Q-dance announced the next Defqon.1 edition for last weekend in June 2022. In a pretty warm post, Q-dance explains its decision and sends a message to its fans.


Dear Weekend Warriors,While it won’t come as a surprise, we announce with great regret that Defqon.1 Primal Energy has been postponed to the last weekend of June 2022. We understand that this isn’t the news you were hoping for, and we share your disappointment. When we postponed Defqon.1 Primal Energy last year, we had hoped for a more positive update at the beginning of 2021. For the past six months, we have done everything within our power to avoid this outcome, but it simply proved to be an impossible endeavor.

Nevertheless, we are confident that the long-awaited gathering of our tribe will take place next year. It’s a matter of time, and while we have to hold on a bit longer, we can already assure you that Defqon.1 Primal Energy will be bigger, bolder and more powerful than ever. A true test for Weekend Warriors, one that embodies the spirit of our tribe to the fullest.We hope that you will keep your order, as it greatly supports us in these dire times. It’s also possible to request either a Q-dance voucher or a refund, but keep in mind that you’ll lose your well earned Defqon.1 Festival 2022 spot. All ticket buyers will be contacted personally by email before February 28th, 2021. For more information, please visit our FAQ.We thank you for your unstoppable dedication and we hope to see you at Defqon.1 Primal Energy.Forever as one tribe.Q-dance* Dates may be subject to change until we receive confirmation from the local authorities.

Defqon.1 postponed to 2022: Ultra Violet Stage

We support Q-dance’s plea

We all know, how hard the current times are for event organizers and artists. Therefore, for all ticket buyers, we kindly seek you to keep your tickets for 2022. Although Q-dance’s offer to convert any ticket into a voucher or cash, please let your words be followed by deeds. Don’t do it, support the scene. Let’s wait together! And we keep you posted about any news.

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