ID&T, the parent organization of multiple dance event companies, informed their staff on Monday 28th. about an upcoming program to restructure the company. The plan contains that 40 percent of the positions will be canceled. The recession caused by the COVID19 virus still continues and forces the company to react.


Since the coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands in March, the events industry has come to a complete standstill. And the event sector is more and more suffering under this standstill. But the recent announcement has now unveiled how big this crisis is and that now, people are loosing their jobs.

CEO of ID&T, Ritty van Straalen, speaks of ‘very difficult and emotional times for all employees’. The impact of the crisis on our industry is unprecedented. Despite the fact that the organization has been able to make use of various government schemes and has reached settlements with three of their four insurers, the losses are too great.

“ID&T originated from a group of close friends with the same passion for bringing people together. This culture is still the foundation of the company almost 30 years later. These are therefore very difficult and emotional times for ID&T and of course for all its employees”

COVID19 CRISIS ID&T: Mystery Land Stage

The ID&T Group

ID&T, was founded in the beginning of 1990 by its three founders Irfan van Ewijk, Duncan Stutterheim and Theo Lelie. What started as an ambitious project hosts nowadays more than eighty events every year. The company itself has become the mother company of Q-dance, Art of Dance, ID&T Events, B2S. Major festivals are Mysteryland, Amsterdam Open Air, Thunderdome, Defqon.1 Weekend Festival and many more.

Conclusion – COVID19 crisis ID&T

The recent announcement really shocks the complete scene and its clearly not only about the COVID19 crisis at ID&T but for the complete scene. It’s more than time to act.

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