The rumor has now been confirmed. Q-dances announces a fourth day full of madness. The socials are celebrating this announcement extremely well and with this the question – what we can expect. The complete team gathered all videos, mails and information on the official website to put them all together in this article.


Normally for weekend warriors, the course had been set for years now. Arriving on a Friday for the gathering and to welcome a full weekend of Hardstyle and much more.

The rumor of a fourth Defqon.1 day is actually not a new idea. First rumors came up at the very beginning of 2020 – but the COVID19 pandemic changed the plans completely. And Hardstylemag reported about the possibility on March 24th. But then it went quiet.

Mystic announcement on Thursday

On May 11th. Q-dance posted a picture on its socials, that all fans should be ready for a big announcement on Saturday 13th. at 13:00 CET. So we all attended the live happening on Youtube. But would it be?

Confirmed: 4 Days Defqon.1 – Announcement

Fresh Friday a list of Extras

Exactly on 13:00 CET we saw a full 2 Minutes video with a walk down memory lane and the official announcement of the ‘Fresh Friday’ and with this the full fourth day. So now its fact, that Defqon.1 will take place from June 23rd. to June 26th in 2022!

“After many years in the making, we’re very excited to announce the extension of Defqon.1. This new chapter allows us to offer more unique experiences to our fan community and continually grow and develop the Defqon.1 experience”, – Sander Bijlstra Managing Director Q-dance

As an extra, the official statement also quotes that we can expect a legendary journey with a record number of Artists, Pyros, fireworks, CO2 and Lasers.

Confirmed: 4 Days Defqon.1 Trailer

Ticket Sales

The all-new Friday Tickets will go on sale on July 24th, as well as the remaining Sunday Tickets. Weekend and Saturday Tickets are sold out, but a limited amount of returned tickets might become available again due to refunds. For more information about the upcoming edition of Defqon.1, the tickets, and the waiting list, head over to

Defqon.1 @ Home 2021 also extended

To celebrate this news, they’ve decided to amp up the madness by also adding an extra day to Defqon.1 at Home 2021. As a result, Defqon.1 at Home takes place from Thursday, June 24th until Sunday, June 27th.

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