When up to 48.000 party people pilgrimage to the Olga Park, which is covered in the wildest colors and when the kicks are shattering through the place, it can only mean the “Ruhr in Love” is back again. On July 2nd the fourteenth edition will once again offer up to 40 stages with more than 400 artists to mark its aspiration as the family festival of the electronic music scene. But this year will have a little premier for all Hardstyle Mag and Hardstyle lovers readers.

The floor

Under the slogan “it’s all about love” the gates to the Olga Park will open at 12 o´clock at noon and stay open until the watch hand hits the 10pm.

Including the MixeryStage, 39 floors around will be hosted and designed by the creators and supporters of the electronical music scene which means not just supporters across Germany but also from Austria, Swiss or the Netherlands. Beside floors already known from prior editions like “Affenkäfig” or “RauteMusik meets TOMORROW Club” visitors of the Ruhr in Love will also have the chance to discover new floors like “Extra Bunt” or floor our “Infinity” stage!

floor header

With up to 400 artists all various types of the electronical music will be present and won´t leave anyone’s’ music preferences unsatisfied. Covering minmal up to hardtrance, or House up to Hardcore requires again a massive line up like “Disco Boys”, “Gestört aber geil”, “Pappenheimer”, “Rotterdam Terror Corps” or “DJ Thera”.

By staying true to their concept – the Ruhr in Love itself will be once again followed by more than 20 afterparties scattered around NRW. As in the past clubs like the Mikroport Club in Krefeld or even the Turbinhalle in Oberhausen will try to keep the party people awake till the next is dawning. But this year, we already mentioned, that something is different.

While the Ruhr in Love´s variety of sounds and styles has always been substantial, we always missed a dedicated floor only providing harder styles. Luckily the guys from Massive-Dynamic seemed to have the same feelings. Still boosted by their big success with the Radical Redemption World tour in Hamburg, these guys developed an impressive floor concept with a fine lineup, and confronted Hardstyle Mag for a collaboration at the very beginning of 2016.

The same type of passion and dedication lead to a successful application for a dedicated Hardstyle floor – named “Infinity” including an even more sophisticated lineup.

Therefore, in cooperation with Massive-Dynamic – HardstyleMag is proud to announce its first participation at the Ruhr in Love with an own stage – named “INFINITY” including an own afterparty at the Tentorium Duisburg on three floors.

The attentive readers among you, might already noticed a names from our huge line up! There is no reason to hold it back from you any longer.

The line up


DJ Thera
Final Impact
The Kreator
Criminal Pandaz
MC I See

The whole lineup is waiting for you to start the journey with the finest Hardstyle diving via Freestyle to Rawstyle. While DJ Thera should be already well known to you, we are especially proud to present:

Amentis – a German Rawstyle DJ and known from the Gunz4Hire tour in Germany and signed at Gearbox

Voidax – a Dutch rawstyle DJ and producer who is known from the Shockerz event in Netherlands and the Raw District in Germany

Xperior – known from the Radical Redemption Worldtour in Germany/Hamburg

Dozer – A Hardstyle DJ from all eras from the Netherlands and known from Hardclassics Indoorf Festival and Hardnature

Thyron – Hardstyle DJ and Producer signed at Gearbox Label and known from Beat the Bridge, XXXlerator Outdoor

Demolite – German Hardstyle DJ and producer, known from Qapital & Defqon 1

Criminal Pandaz – Hardstyle Duo from Netherlands and known from Promised Land and Operation Raw – Seven sins

Final Impact – German Hardstyle DJ and producer and known from the Tentorium Hardcore Contest

The Kreator – German Hardstyle/Hardcore DJ known from Easter Rave Oberhausen, Hardcore Therapy

MC I See – Dutch MC and known from Warface´s “All you need is Hard” and Kingsday.

The afterparty

after hour final event header

As mentioned before, the party won’t be over with the closing of the Ruhr in Love.

All Hardstyle lovers are furthermore invited to the Tentorium Duisburg to continue the party until 6 am in the morning. Together with Radio Basslovers we provide on three areas all types of the harder styles:

Main Floor

Megara vs DJ LEE
3Heartbeats & LIMIC (Live)
DJ Struwe & Steffy de Martines
D-Therapy & MC Chemistry
Djane Marleen
RBL Allstars & DynamicTwo

Second Floor

DJ Kahlkopf
The Bassrider LIVE
DJ Persistance
NWO & MC Chemistry
The Kreator
Steve Payn

Floor Infinity

Dj Thera
Final Impact
Bäm Bäm

So mark the date with a red cross in your calendar and make sure you will attend Hardstyle Mag´s & Massive Dynamic’s premier at the Ruhr in Love. Party with us harder than the others!!

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