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It is always great to follow an event from the start and see how it grows towards a great and even bigger event! Purge is one of these events we do follow for a long time. Last week it was time for another edition of Purge called ‘Veneration of the Dead’. The line-up looked promising and the location is still special. Let’s have a look at this edition!

Purge is a recurring indoor event in The Hague. 4 times a year, the club ‘Paard van Troje’ vibrates to its foundations. The event began several years ago with one stage. Nowadays there are two stages to enjoy.

We’ve been to this event quite some time. And like usual the event was sold-out! After entering ‘Paard van Troje’, we went towards the garderobe and delivered our jackets for only €1,-. Normally the costs of lockers are more expensive. At Purge you can use a locker for €1,-, or you can use the garderobe when the lockers are sold-out.


Purge did start as a one area event, but this was the second edition with two areas. The second area had a rougher line-up, we surely want to visit this area later at night. But first let’s move over to the main area to enjoy the beats of Kevin Kaos! We did interview Kevin Kaos a few months ago. I always visited his sets at Purge, because they are simply highly enjoyable. His sets are always a nice mix between the euphoric and the rougher stuff.

When he plays a set later at night he will also play some hardcore tracks most of the time. In his interview he already mentioned that he never prepare a tracklist or something. And maybe that’s the key of his sets, that makes it surprising actually! Of course Kevin did play some own productions as well such as ‘Skullfuck’ which make the set a bit rougher at the end! His set was great again, the area was packed and the vibe was already great during this opening set


After Kevin Kaos, it was time for the second performance of the evening. Let’s make some noise for Bass Chaserz! I follow these guys for a long time now and always enjoy every second of their tracks and sets. I was not surprised when they were announced within the Qapital Line Up. Jos and Marco did play a great set again with tracks like Plato o Plomo and M.F. Psycho. They also played many own productions. Reach up in ya mouth and In Control are still my favourites of this moment. The crowd was going insane during this tracks but then they dropped a remix of ‘Gaan met die Banaan’ – Well I think the track is called like that since it ain’t released yet. Perhaps this is the special track they talk about at their facebook? 😉

This track is really enjoyable and pumping roughly trough the speakers. I can remember a remix by Korsakoff during her sets at Defqon 1 and Dominator, the high tweaked vocals couldn’t get out of my mind for weeks! The set was varied, special and uplifting. I think we didn’t rest for a moment during this 1 hour set! Once again I recommend to keep an eye out at Bass Chaserz, 2016 will be their year for sure!


From now on the area was totally packed, as well as the second area – such a dense atmosphere, we just love this underground feeling! Everybody is ready for the next performance. Let’s give it up for Frequencerz! I did visit a Frequencerz set many times. Sometimes they are a brilliant, sometimes they are a bit standard and not surprising. After the performance as B-Freqz at X-Qlusive B-Front my expectations were high, maybe a bit to high.

I think the set was good for people who don’t visit events that often, but for me it was a too standard. They did start with their Uber Mash-Up, which let the people bounce and dance. After that they played Men of Steel, Wolfpack, Fatality and Rockstar. That made it look like a normal tracklist by Frequencerz. After 30 minutes we did decide to set sail towards area 2 to enjoy a set of Caine, the barbar, the viking, the one with the orange beard, you know?! It was the first set ever we heard of him.


The second area was way smaller than the main area but it was a great area anyway! I did listen to many tracks produced by this so called ‘Hardstyle Viking’ but I never witnessed a set of him. The tracks are really cool and powerful, I can tell you! When I did listen to the album of Caine it was much of the same tempo and the same kicks but during a set he is more surprising than I thought. He also is a real entertainer.

I did really enjoy his set, so, when you have a chance to see this Theracords DJ in full force, including his enormous beard, it is a must see! I think he could easily hide a gun in there *g*. Especially when you want to witness a different set far from standard! For this time Caine did play at the second area. But I think he can crush the main area next time as well! (Caine we love you, sorry for the jokes :P)


Let’s go back to Area 1 again. Requiem was ready to destroy the building! I am a big fan of his latest track Take the hit. When he dropped this track my mind was blown again. God damn what a track! Besides that Requiem did play a Godcore remix and a few 3 The Hard Way tracks. Unfortunately the sound system was ‘damaged’ for 10 minutes, because of an error with the smoke detectors, and the set of Requiem lost a bit of magic.


It’s time for another talented youngster. Give it up for Act of Rage! He does suprise me again and again. Every set is very varied, Jacques got some real DJ and Producing skills! Playing tracks like Brain Confussion, Confronting Reality, Stay True and M.F. Psycho he totally crushed the audience. The bass was pounding heavily trough the speakers. When he’s on rage, nothing can stop him. I think his Raw Op Je Dak anthem is still a crazy tune.


After Act of Rage we did visit Area 2 again. D-Sturb is very upcoming and after performing at smaller events like Chain Reaction he does now perform at Purge as well! The new gearbox talent will even play at Masters of Hardcore at the Raw stage next month! We did enjoy his set at Chain Reaction a few weeks ago and this time he was off the hook again. Giving the best he can with remixes and tracks like Those summer nights, Before the start, Anxious and Until it’s gone he did wreck the place. Maybe this was one of the best set of the night! The area was very packed, many people hopped over from the main area. D-Sturb is definitely ready for some main stages!

Adaro was already playing at Area one for a long time and we did witness the end of his set. While playing tracks like For The Streets and Back to the oldschool the crowd went insane! Everybody was jumping, dancing, showing bassfaces and screaming along! This is the magic of Purge! Adaro was one of the first headliners at the earlier purge events and everytime he gives the best he can, even at smaller events. Adaro is a truely dedicated DJ, and so are his fans!


The night is almost over. But not before the queen of raw hit the stage, destroys the building (or what’s left of it) and the final kicks do pound through the speakers. Give it up for Deetox! I love the productions of Deetox from the start, she is really raw from the heart! Her new production Rock It, together with Break Zero, is still a magical track and one of my favourites at this moment!

She played this track, just like her new track Lower Level. Last week she was also taking over the Dutch radio station called Radio 538 with her X-Qlusive Holland track together with Lange Frans called Het land van. So Deetox is doing a great job on stage and off stage! Her set was full of raw power and energy a great end of the night!


Purge is one of the events you don’t want to miss. For a low ticket price you can enjoy a grand line-up. That is why we put Purge in the list of the best events of 2015. In 2016 they keep on going with more great events at a brilliant location. Paard van Troje is a great location for events like this! It did prove it once again! The layers in the main area with all the balconies make it a unique venue. It kind of feels like your in a boxing ring.

Purge is an event organized by Solid Events, besides Purge they also have other concepts. There is Nostalgia, a night filled with early hardstyle. Do you like it a bit rougher? Then take a look at Retalliator, their hardcore concept! For €15 you can visit sets of DJ Mad Dog, Tha Playah and more..! On Kingsday they also present Solid Kingsday. So check their page for more upcoming events!

We did enjoy Purge once again. The vibe and sound were beyond borders, we will be there next time for sure! Are you?

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