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Time to celebrate freedom – at least for all the Dutch and all across the Netherlands! Event organizer High Energy Events was hosting one of the almost uncountable events, taking place that day. We were pretty curious, with Dance4Liberation they established a concept for House and Hardstyle in Zwolle with over 20000 visitors and a ticket price you won’t believe! They also moved to a new, bigger location this year – with over 25000 people we celebrated freedom! So, we gave a shit about university, hopped in the car and drove towards Zwolle! The parking was well organized and you just had to walk down a street to the entrance.

The Hardstyle Line up:

Dj Adaro
Outbreak vs. Kronos
Hosted by Mc Villain
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The weather incredibly nice and we arrived at the end of Zentiments set. Next up was Cyber and I know lots of people have big hopes for him, especially Villain and a few other big names of the scene. He had a great year in 2015 and this year he’s playing at almost every big stage! It was the first time I witnessed a Cyber set – today he was playing a 1.5h set and I couldn’t wait for his euphoric tunes. His set included his euphoric and melodic tracks like his remix of Universal Language, Peace Each Other or The Surpreme. He also dropped Everything is God and We Are God. His set was dominated by his tracks and a few reverse bassline, which is always nice, because everyone is going nuts. In between he dropped some older classics by Headhunterz and, If I’m not wrong, by Noisecontrollers.

So, generally it was a nice tracklist – but for most of the people, including me, the set could not set up a straight red line and therefore not the wished and expected tempo. In between it became a little too boring, although he also played well known tracks. I think he needs a little more practise, not in mixing, but to play the right tracks at the right time and represent his music with his tracks. Maybe it was because of the 1.5h play time, but sadly the 1.5 felt a little tough.


You could really feel the differences of Cybers set to Frontliners set, who came next. Although Frontliner only played his tracks as usual, the whole set had a better build up, ending and tempo. It was again a nice ride through Frontliner’s best tracks. For some he might be boring, because he only plays his tracks, but if you didn’t hear a set of him for a longer time its highly enjoyable. His tracks were ranging from his edit of Rage, his track with John Harris Loud and of course Halo’s in the 2015 edit. He also played his new track again and I fucking can’t wait to hear a preview. The melody is just insane! I think you guys already guessed it – Melodyman in the hardcore remix was his final track!

Noisecontrollers was up next, but we decided to take a break, visit the Houser stage – wait what?? OMG, HOW CAN WE DO THAT? Yes, we grabbed a few drinks and some food and came back to the ending of Atmozfears. I expected the usual Atmozfears ending and I wasn’t disappointed. With Bounce & Break, Broken and Hate or This is Hardstyle he showed the crowd, why he’s so successful. Awesome tunes and a perfect vibe during his set.

Now, let’s go to the act I’ve been waiting for the most – B-Front! Holy shit that dude is again on a fucking roll at the moment. His own X-Qlusive, all the new tracks like Dark Moon, We Are One or Endless path, as well as his well-known tracks like Mysterias or Magic – just magical. His music is just awesome and always on point, his mixing is very nice and highly enjoyable and as an entertainer – well, you guys know how he rocks on stage! Some Frequencerz tracks like Psycho passed by as well. The tempo raised from track to track, he went harder and harder, but still with his own melodic touch. B-Front never disappoints whether music nor set-wise.


Next up was Adaro and it’s been a long time since I heard a set of him. BUT I really need to admit, his set was absolutely amazing. Such lovely tunes were dropped, such as Plata O Plomo, I’m a Criminal, For the Street (Regain remix) or a mash up of Delete’s Level and Typhoon’s Hunt or be Hunted. He also played Fuck this Nation by E-Force and Luna, Gods by E-Force and Frequencerz, Dark Universe, his new track Rock Now or My Soul to Take. I didn’t expect such a cool set, because normally I’m not the biggest Adaro fan.

Well, what shall I say the next lady is one of the hardest out there and in my opinion always worth to listen to her sets. Deetox claimed the stage and showed Dance4Liberation how a set has to be done, how you create madness on the dancefloor and how you tear down the whole festival place. The kicks were shattering through the whole location as she played Do or Die in the Rebelion remix, Alone, the track with Delete, Rock it, Lower Level or Fatal. He also played the D-Sturb remix of Menace, which I do not like by the way, and Chaos Reign – which is still one of the best Deetox tracks. If you ask me, this lady is insane and she never disappoints. Ending her set with some hardcore tunes and Rawness at 165 BPM!

Time for the last act of the night and this set was truly epic and the best set of the day. We gave all the energy and danced our ass off during Kronos vs. Outbreak! Holy fucking shit, that was a crazy rollercoaster ride. They mixed with such a tempo, climax part after climax part, managed to create such a crazy energy on the dance floor and skipped almost every longer main part. Outbreaks tracks like Rebel territory, Sounds of the Night, Click Clack or You with me. He also played Sub Soniks remix of #Bassface, which is truly insane. Although the build-up could be done a bit better, the slightly adjustment of the screeches and underlined with Sub Sonik’s kick the remix is really nice.

Kronos instead dropped his tracks like Boom Baby, The Game or Maddafakka Maddafakka at a higher BPM. Both styles worked perfectly together and their ending was crazy, by pitching Typhoons remix of Get Up to Hardcore and continue with 10 minutes Hardcore – especially the Oh Fortuna Hardcore edit was really sick!

As last point I want to summarize Dance4Liberation. The location was awesome and offered so much space – there was never a struggle of dancing or moving through the crowd, although nearly 25000 people visited Dance4Liberation. The decoration and stage was the same as last year, which was bit disappointing, but did its job. Furthermore, there were no lockers, which I really didn’t like – you had to watch your step, because everyone put their jackets on the ground. The food and drink corners were normal, nothing special and also the non-age-restriction was not a problem! Seriously, I expected some drunk or drugged 14 years old, smoking dudes or fucked up girls, but no – nothing!


I really love how High Energy Events manages to create sick events, with a great Line Up and show, for such a small ticket price for just fucking 15€!!! Furthermore, and I can’t say it enough, the sound is ALWAYS powerful, clear, well balanced and one of the best you can have in the whole scene. Be sure to check one of their next events! High Energy Events, we love you guys, keep it going! - The best way to your favorite festivals! – The best way to your favorite festivals!

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