…produced the Anthem for Thunderdome 2006?

Carsten Giese

Joshua Dutrieux a.k.a. JDX has helped producing many great hardstyle anthems so far. Furthermore he was involved in many behind the scenes productions of our beloved hardstyle parties. His production “Live the moment” with Sarah Maria was voted the number one hardstyle track of all time.

Thunderdome 2006 – The Anthem

Like many other hardstyle artists JDX also produced hardcore at one point. For creating and releasing he used the alias “567482”. The track simply called Thunderdome 2006. The result was a great mid 2000s-hardcore banger which was still reminiscent to the 1990s hardcore sounds. Listen to it on Thunderdome’s 2006 Aftermovie:

Did you know that JDX : His Thunderdome anthem


Again digging deep in the memories was pretty interesting. We really hope that maybe JDX and/or ID&T will do it again in the future and release another anthem for Thunderdome. We are definitely curious about what it would sound like 15 years later! This was “Did you know that JDX” 😉

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