IAM HARDSTYLE 2020 – Born and Raised

On January 25th 2020 the 4th edition of I AM HARDSTYLE took place at the ‚Maimarkthalle‘ in Mannheim, which is also the home of events like Timewarp and Toxicator. The location has a total capacity of 12.000 PAX (persons approximately) and around 800.000 visitors a year. With a huge lineup – a promising anthem “Born and raised” we travelled there with big expectations. So lets have a look, at the 4th. edition.

In collaboration with Musical Madness, the Project I AM HARDSTYLE got ignited in 2017 – and since then – it has proven a substantial success. Not only fans of Brennan Heart will get served but also other legendary names of the Hardstyle scene. This is what the I AM HARDSTYLE has been representing since its start and also will in 2021- or exactly on March 6th. 2021 😉

The event itself is named after Brennan Heart´s musical label and thus comprise Artists who belong to this label. Nevertheless it also stands for diversity and a broad lineup – which has consequently been improved over the recent years.

This years line-up in alphabetical order:
Aftershock,  Andy Svge, B-Front, Brennan Heart, D-Block & S-te-Fan, D-Sturb, MC DL, MC Villain, Rebourne with The Pitcher, Ran-D, Sound Rush, Sub Zero Project, Wildstylez, Tac Team (Toneshifterz, Atmozfears, Code Black), Warface.

But let’s start with the basics:

They sold two different types of tickets available for this event. Regular, which was 49,99€ (excl. fee) for entry only, and VIP (Premium Ticket) for 89,99€ (excl. fee). The VIP included entry with a separate entrance (fast lane), a locker for your personal belongings, a special wristband which enabled you to enter the VIP deck, where you had an amazing view on the stage and the partying crowd. There were special bars only for VIPs, where you could get your drinks faster. In addition you could here redeem your 20€ voucher for drinks, which was included in the VIP ticket as well. So be quick when ticket sales are about to start. Especially VIP tickets are selling super fast!


The event offered one entrance but distinguishing between Regular and VIP tickets(fast lane). At the VIP entry and after the security check, the staff handed out all of the goodies, you obtained with the VIP ticket. In total that was a locker code/key, a 20€ voucher and premium wristband in the design of this years theme.


You could travel to the event with public transportation. Also there was a free shuttle service from Mannheim central station to the event and v.v. all night long. The organizations published the timetables a couple of days before the event takes place on Facebook, Instagram and of course the official website, so you had enough time left to plan your trip.
For all those who preferred to travel by car, they could drop off their car at a huge parking space. But you had to pay 5€ extra for a parking ticket, and there were a lot of police controls along the way.

My personal recommendation is to travel save and sound with Feierreisen or Hardtours to the event. They both are the official travel partners of lots of harddance events in Germany and the Netherlands. Another useful tip: When you didn‘t get a ticket on the regular ticket sales, both travel partners offer tickets as well, but only in connection with a bus trip to the event. If this isn’t two birds with one stone, idk.


Good bye tokens – here they operated with a cashcard system. A convenient way to improve the workflow at the bars and in the food corners. This means the payment were way faster and you didn’t had to wait that long.
Every card had a deposit of 2€, which you received back together with the credit amount you had left on the card, when you handed it out at the cashcard stand after the event.

For each beverage an the Organisation charged an additional Euro which you could claim back once you brought back the pledge coin. Which was only a good measure to reduce the trash around the venue or even on the dancefloor. A decision we really appreciated well.
At the merchandise the queue was cordoned to ensure no one is queue jumping. Paying options are card and cash.


Once you entered the location you found yourself in a big room. The first station was a cashcard stand, where you could purchase and charge your cashcard.
If you had a look to the left side you could see the food corner with different offers like fries or pizza, which are typical festival snacks.
The right side of the room was filled out by a large chill area, where you got a lot picnic tables (typical construction of two benches with a table in the middle).

Next to the food corner the locker stand was located, where you could purchase a locker to stow your personal belongings like your jacket or a large handbag.
I keep reminding, that this event took place in winter! You had to walk to the location either or had to wait outside. So please always wear at least a jacket. Luckily the lockers were large enough to share with at least 2 friends. So for those, who shared the costs .
Behind the locker stand the rest of the room was filled out with lockers on both sides.

Lasers just lasers 😉

When you left the room on the right you got directly to the smoking area and the toilets. In between and outside the location they provided dixis.
After you passed this area you finally reached the place where the magic happened. And actually all you needed. The stage in front of you, lots of bars on the sides and the merchandise next to the entrance.
In the back of the hall you found find the VIP decks. With the VIP bracelet the security guards let you pass. The deck had two floors, an own bar and the best view on everything happening.

Soundsystem and Stage

At I AM HARDSTYLE there was only one huge stage, but a big one. It comprised a beautiful scenery matching with this years theme, and loads of LED walls. Additional lights and lasers to delivered an amazing view.
The sound was perfectly mixed. You felt the bass, but it didn’t harm your ears. At this point I love to remind of the importance of ear plugs! If you don’t want to be deaf after a couple of festivals, use them.


What I love the most about I AM HARDSTYLE is the increase of intensity of the artists and their sound. It all starts with beautiful Euphoric melodies and sounds and ends in a devastating raw warfare.
This years edition presented lots of live sets:
Starting with the premiere of Sub Zero Projects „Into Space“, Ran-D with „We rule the night“, B-Front live. What a show – insane. Another highlight of course „The Final Heavy Artillery“ by Warface which got everyone a little melancholy. But yes, this is rawstyle at its best.

My highlight

My favorite set was D-Sturb´s, because he played many tracks from the album „Synchronized“. D-Sturb just created a masterpiece together with Warface. And I keep listening to it since its release on December 2019 Another highlight was, when D-Block and S-Te-Fan played their number one hit „Darkest Hour“.

The complete main floor got silenced when Brennan Heart played this year´s anthem “Born and Raised”. But the biggest surprise was, when Brennan Heart featured Dailucia and got Trevor Guthrie with them on stage. They performed their track „Gravity“. Believe me – goosebumps guaranteed. A set beyond imagination.

See you at the next edition on 6th of March 2021.

I am Hardstyle 2020
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