“Planet X will be the first Harder Styles label to enter the world of Dolby Atmos and to allow the scene to experience audio in a whole new way.” – JDX

Amy Melissa Farina

JDX is proud to present a new record label for his artistic vision – Planet X. The label will be the new home for the creative works of JDX and other artists that expand beyond the classic format of the Harder Styles and venture into the future, breaking the barriers in a forward thinking way.

A totally new experience…

Breaking the molds of the scene, Planet X will release music in multiple formats. Each release will feature a Dolby Atmos mix which will be available on Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music. Furthermore, stereo mixes will also be available for all streaming platforms and download portals like Hardstyle.com.

Planet X will fall under the Scantraxx brand. The label will be a place for JDX to express his unique vision alongside those who see the same vision and for everyone to build and express their creativity in an unprecedented way for the Harder Styles, with a hybrid sound of show music and the harder styles.

JDX’s unique position as a music composer and music producer allowed him to pave the path for the future, beyond imagination. On the 7th of November the label presented its first release to the world, Raging Shadows.

Raging Shadows…

‘Raging Shadows’ featuring Alizay displays an exceptional sense of perfection and musical integrity. Moreover, as always, you can count on JDX to pay his enduring attention to all details, both big and small.

Raging Shadows’ gives listeners a sense of mystery and excitement as the track progresses. From the mystical vocals and build-up, right into the climactic drops, you will be taken aback by the pure musical greatness that JDX provides

We sat down with JDX…

How will the implementation of Dolby Atmos impact the listener experience?

First of all, the best way to experience Dolby Atmos would be in a place where you have a multiple speakers studio (7.1.4 or up) or home theater. But depending on your headphones and phone or other devices, you’ll have the Binaural/Spatial mix on Apple Music, Tidal or Amazon Music. But of course the normal Stereo version will also be available. The experience is so different have the sound coming from all around you, instead of from the middle like it’s in your head.

As a listener, hearing music or a film in Dolby Atmos really creates a cinematic ambiance. Why is that important to you when it comes to producing hardstyle?

Not just Hardstyle, I also do a lot of other music genres. But to have Dolby Atmos now for music is another level and I believe it’s the future for experiencing audio and will only grow more and more.

What influenced your decision to release Raging Shadows as the first track on the label? 

This track started a year ago as just a melody. I just wanted a ” close your eyes and go ” track. But working with Alizay on the text and recording the vocal took it to another level. After finishing it I decided to experiment with Dolby Atmos and here we are…..

How does this label best reflect your creativity as a producer? 

After Ghost Stories RMX, I think I found my sound. The combination of over 15 years of Show Music, Trailer Style, Sound Design, and Harder Styles. Sky is the limit!!

New label and new beginnings…

As a composer, producer, and a DJ, how do you find balance between the three? 

Doing multiple things keeps me creative and inspired.

What tips do you have for producers who also want to compose their own music? 

Believe in yourself and never give up!

How would you describe the overall style or brand of the label?

My vision is clear. I love to perform because I’m a multiple-instrument musician first. And I’m very much into MARVEL and STARWARS.. The story writing is next level. Between Mythical, Fantasy, Futuristic I have many ideas.

How do you go about finding artists for Planet X?

We’ll see I guess. Definitely open for demos course.

What does the future hold for Planet X and JDX?

Too much to tell right now but only good things tho. Working on a lot of music and ideas right now and I will do my best to show as much as possible thru my socials

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