Pherato is a talented DJ signed at Scantraxx Recordz. This Italian producer made some great tracks like ‘On My Way’ and ‘Crystal’. His tracks are known for hard-drop kicks, breaks and synths, but also for its powerful melodies and fresh atmosphere. Who’s behind all this? Lets meet up with Pherato!

First of all, could you introduce yourself? Who are you, where are you from and what are your hobbies besides producing and DJing?
Hey there! My name is Simo, I’m 20 years old and I come from Turin, Italy. Beside producing and DJing, I like to go to the gym , play games and hang out with friends!

You are a young talent, signed at Scantraxx Recordz, how did you come in touch with them?
I was really close to stop my ‘career’, when we decided to stop our collaboration with Zatox and his label. But thankfully, after months of silence, I decided to show some of the my new music to Stephanie and she liked it. She helped me to get in contact with Scantraxx. Thanks, Stephy!

Talking about Stephanie, how did you meet her, and does she still help you with your career as a producer?
I met Stephy in 2013 at Euphoria, that night we talked a lot about music and she asked me to send her new music she could play in her podcast ‘Pink Beats’. From that moment, we were really good friends! She does not help me while producing, I’m just used to send her my music when it’s finished, to get some feedback and she does the same the other way around.

How did you become familiar with hardstyle music?
I was 13 when I started to listen to hardstyle. I still remember the first track I’ve heard, it was “Keep it Coming” from D-Block and S- Te-Fan. Since that moment I’ve been listening to hardstyle every day…yes, this music made addict 🙂

When and why did you start producing?
September 2009. Damn, more than 6 years already! It was a hobby after school but luckily now it’s becoming something more than that and that makes me so happy and proud of myself.

Pherato - Crystal

Did you learn to master all the producing and Dj programs by yourself?
I spent whole days on youtube watching tutorials about Cubase , VST’s and plugins. After some months I was able to create something (if you want to get a few laughs check “Black Force – Gestazione”)on my own. It was my first release on “Activa Records”. Now I try to improve myself everyday and with every track. About DJing, it was different, my brother bought two pioneer controllers and a mixer and I was immediately attracted, but I never imagined being able to play my music in festivals or clubs.

How would you describe your own style?
I don’t really want to fit into a single style. It’s mainly ‘mainstream’ hardstyle but I’m very influenced by other genres. Watch for my next releases, you will understand. I’m really proud of my new music!

Besides hardstyle, did you ever listen or produce something else?
I’m very current with other genres! I also produce progressive house, dubstep, trap and I also have made some sub ground releases in the past.

What are your goals as a producer and a DJ? What is on your bucket list?
As a producer, my biggest goal would be to make an album including collabs with the biggest artists in the scene. As a DJ, of course, I want to perform at the biggest festivals like every DJ. I would also love to create my own party/event to show my vision of hardstyle.

2015-09-04 12.02.07

If you have to choose between producing or DJing, what do you choose?
Definitely producing because I can express myself…It’s a bit like a shelter for me! A shelter where I’m away from all life problems, in my own world.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Well..It could be from anything, listen to music on the radio or watching movies. Sometimes I go outside a few days on my own and enjoy the mountains here in Italy.

Who is your hardstyle-hero?
My biggest inspirations in hardstyle are definitely coming from Noisecontrollers and Audiofreq, but, my favorite producer is Rob Swire (Knife Party).

Lately, we get overwhelmed by new upcoming talents. Which talent do you like to listen to?
There are indeed a lot of new talents! My favorite at this moment is definitely Mystical Mind. The atmosphere he creates on his music is just insane! I like Hyronist as well, he is improving his sound so much lately. It’s impressive!

What is your all-time favorite track, or maybe a top 3 if you can’t choose 😉
Well it’s not easy, but if I have to choose: SHM – Don’t you worry Child, Nc – Pillars of creation and Skrillex – Scary Monsters and nice sprites.

Looking back on your own tracks, do you have any favorites?
Keep Rockin’ is my favorite one at the moment. Every time I listen to it I feel like it was the first time.

Pherato - Keep Rockin'

What was the biggest event you did visit so far?
Defqon 1 2015! It was my first time there and wow! The main stage was just insane!

What was the best gig you played so far and which event you like to play sometimes?
Euphoria 2013 was the best at the moment. I play in ‘XL’ club sometimes here in Italy, It’s always a pleasure.


If you were allowed to play at one more final event, which event would that be?
Bring an hardstyle set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami would be huge!

Lately, the rougher Sounds are taking over, heavy kicks and the most brutal kicks. What do you think about it and how did experience it?
Good question! I personally don’t like raw style as much as more euphoric and uplifting hardstyle. But like in every genre there is quality music and non. Actually, I have to admit that I enjoyed the raw style in the beginning, with Zatox’s style in particular. Nowadays, I don’t like the genre as much as I did once. I think it’s fad, and a bit overpopulated with talents.

As an upcoming talent, do you have any tips for other talented producers?
Don’t follow the trend, do what you want to do! Never give up because it’s a very long road ahead!

Looking forward into 2016, do you have any plans?
My plans for 2016 are to make a lot of new music, maybe some collabs and play on some huge festivals during summer!

Final Question: do you have anything to share with us? Something exclusive for instance? Or something to say to the hardstyle fans out there?
I want to thank you for this interview. I’m working on a new EP that will be out soon, I’m so proud of it! Really cant wait to show you all!

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