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Officially dropping on April 11, BLOND:ISH and vinyl R&D experts at Evolution Music & DeepGrooves (the greenest pressing plant in activity) are introducing the world’s VERY FIRST biodegradable, PHA Vinyl #PlasticFreeParty,  delivering the future, without compromising a single bit on sound quality.

This is NOT your standard vinyl.

Made using naturally occurring bacteria to build a plastic replication, the 14-track vinyl (released on her label ABRACADABRA) is entirely bio based, and will naturally break down in any environment, including the ocean. While this vinyl will be compostable, as a part of this drop, you can also own a piece of this monumental moment in music history through a collectible NFT on of BLOND:ISH’s “Life is…”,  the opening track of #PlasticFreeParty.

PHAs are a new type of bioplastic family made by catering bacteria building blocks and giving them a mission to produce a plastic replication. Because Nature recognizes nature, when placed in a bacterial environment these microbes will be effortlessly digested by nature.

Most pressing plants use water-intensive steam boilers and a brew of chemicals giving vinyl 12 times the greenhouse emissions of other physical music media – Deepgrooves is a 100% circular factory that uses only machines are powered by green energy, green gas and solar energy and granulate based upon calcium zinc stabilizers instead of the classic heavy metal stabilizers.

Here’s what BLOND:ISH had to say…

“This drop is about owning a piece of history, joining the movement pushing the music industry to its limits and being the positive change that will affect our planet and our dancefloors for generations to come. The actual track we decided to mint from the #PlasticFreeParty album is ‘Life is…’, which was inspired by my recent travels to Antarctica, a place where only nature exists and you are one with nature. More than anything, I want this drop to be a reminder that we can always come back to nature, but the time to evolve is now. Get curious, get cracking and find ways to harness nature’s power to keep moving future-forward.”

Curated in partnership with Chambord, #PlasticFreeParty is a visionary blend of artistic passion for the environment and includes tracks from BLOND:ISH, Chambord, Shiba San & Millad, Vander & Deer Jade, Elif & Gespona, Theo Meier and more.

Each NFT sold will be redeemable for a physical copy of the bio vinyl.

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