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Carsten Giese

Nowadays Evil Activities (Kelly van Soest) ist one of the most legendary and most well known hardcore acts out there. But as many other producers he also has other projects.


Evil Activities started as a two man project at the end of the 1990s. When Telly Luyks left in 2003 Kelly continued Evil Activities alone in terms of producing. On stage he is joined by the MC E-Life. EA quickly gained a reputation within the Hardcore scene through his X-Tinction series, released on Neophyte Records.
His career really kicked off when his Album “Evilution” released in 2008.

Did you know what Evil Activities: Perhaps the most famous EA release

Max Enforcer

When hardstyle evolved at the beginning of the 2000s many hardcore producers created aliases which they used for their hardstyle productions. So did Kelly. When The Beholder and Panic a.k.a. Neophyte and Panic founded their label Seismic Records the name Max Enforcer also appeared on the first release. Kelly’s first solo release as Max Enforcer got released in 2006 and still had a very hardcoreish touch.

Did you know what Evil Activities: The first Max Enforcer solo release


While the first releases as Max Enforcer could be labelled as early raw hardstyle and went a little under the radar in 2010 suddenly the whole community was hyped because of a song which was used in the trailer video for Decibel Outdoor festival.
As it quickly turned out the sound was “Gold” by Max Enforcer and became one of the most iconic hardstyle summer anthems.

Did you know what Evil Activities: Gold from 2010

Gold also marked the beginning of a switch to more euphoric releases. Many releases and collaborations with well known hardstyle artists like Frontliner, Wildstylez and Zatox followed.


Max Enforcer is one of the perfect examples why producers should look left and right and try out other genres. Kelly clearly delivered various hardcore anthems as Evil Activities, but he also did so as Max Enforcer. We guess that almost everybody has so many great memories connected to one or more of his releases!
If he reads this: Thank you Kelly for all the great releases under all of your aliases throughout the years you absolute legend!

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