Let yourself be thrilled, inspired, and maybe even rediscover yourself! We´ve got more than 10 playlists that will get your Harder- Stylez heart pumping. There are tracks from euphoric to Frenchcore and a lot of background information so there will be something for everyone.

Julian Schneegans

Nr. 1: Festival-Playlists

Waiting for the next festival can take forever and everybody has their own ways of dealing with the excitement and anticipation. It´s always a good idea to prepare yourself with matching music. As good as every big festival releases an own playlist weeks before the event takes place to get you in the right mood. Sometimes they get released before the lineup does so you get a sneak peek on the artists that are going to play a bigger role. For instance, you can hear a lot of Phuture Noize tracks on the Intents 2020 playlist so it is likely that he will play a big role.

Spotify Playlists: No festival without an own playlist

Nr. 2: Hardstyle by Q-Dance

Everyone whose orange heart cannot shine bright enough will love and appreciate this playlist. Always up to date Q- Dance provides you with the latest tracks of the hardstyle elite. This playlist is like an oasis in the desert. So, if you have been out of hardstyle for a while and missed some tracks you will find them there. Also, you can look up the good old hits that have formed our beloved culture.

  • DEDIQATED – 20 Years of | Q-dance
  • Q-Dance | Hardstyle Top 100 | 2019
  • Q-Dance presents NEXT | Part One
Spotify Playlists: Q-dance has a broad selection

Nr. 3: Hardstyle Labels

The Hardstyle Wolfpack Nr. 3 1⁄2: Hardstyle Playlist by Roughstate Labels and DJ´s influence our music a lot. After all they are the ones that bring us countless magical moments. So, it is obvious that one can trust them for making good playlists. From Hardstyle and Euphoric Raw to the best Rawstyle tracks of our time they are filled with music that will force you to move! It is also nice to see that it is not always about the most brutal kickdrum in this genre, that a powerful melody can be just as fascinating. It is a good example for how good our music can be. Take a look, it is worth it.

Spotify Playlists: There are many playlists from labels

Nr. 4: Private Playlists

It can be a lot of work to find the perfect tracks for your ideal playlist, so it makes sense to get some inspiration by checking out some playlists that already exist. I´ve got an insider tip: If you like listening to a single artists music nonstop you can save an album in your account. You have to klick the ´follow´ button then it is saved additionally to your own playlists.


Hard times call for hard actions. To make things easier for us an emissary probably coming straight from hardstyle heaven brought us these playlists.

Filled with masterpieces that are just waiting to be discovered. These playlists have everything the Rawstyle enthusiast needs. If they could talk, they would surely tell you that “If the kick is too strong you are too weak”! 

Spotify Playlists: Party without music would be a mistake

Nr. 6: Largest HARDSTYLE playlist on Spotify

5300+ tracks! Are you sick of the same old short playlists with tracks always being repeated? Well, we’ve got the solution: The largest Hardstyle playlist on Spotify!

With more than 4500 tracks it’s truly got all of our beloved tunes, from old-school to modern masterpieces and it is always being updated. For sure you will find some tracks you didn’t know yet and even though the amount of songs is enormous there are no shitty ones included.

Nr. 7: Hardcore Nr. 7 1⁄2: HARDCORE WORKOUT by MoH

A lot of people also love Hardcore, and they do so for a good reason. That’s why I want to show you two Hardcore playlists that really show the best of this genre. It’s a good mixture of all Hardcore styles and all those tracks make up an awesome playlist. You will find a lot of cool music to listen to for “hakken” or maybe you will find tracks that will let you get to know Hardcore music if you haven’t yet. In this case the organizers of Masters of Hardcore themselves hand you a loaded gun with the most powerful Hardcore tracks as bullets. And if you are planning your next workout check out the matching “Hardcore Workout” playlist for maximum power. 

  • Masters of Hardcore 2020 | Playlist
  • Art of Dance – Masters of Hardcore | Playlist
  • Hardcore Workout – Masters of Hardcore | Playlist
Spotify Playlists: The Symbol of MOH

Nr. 8: Frenchcore Friday

Last but not least: here’s the icing on the cake. Nobody less than the Frenchcore icon, Dr. Peacock himself, has created a playlist for all Frenchcore lovers that live for the emotional massive kickdrums of this underrated genre. Absolutely recommendable for everybody that wants to get out of the daily grind at least for a moment. A truly thrilling experience at any time.

  • Peacock’s Frenchcore Choice | Playlist
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